Shanghai a case study of successful website dragon Bo Po mall


Look at the title:

first look at its Web site is how to deal with: here, Bo treasure mall with a large number of a directory to do rankings (the other several big antique mall are basically rely on the inside pages to do, or obviously) the advantage of this is: firstly, competitiveness is relatively large directory secondly, high weight, rich in content, do not have to update the worry, as long as businesses upload new products, the page will change, this would solve the problem of fine-tuning the site, the spider will often pay attention to your website. But there is a downside is that the page ranking will be very good, but the directory page has been ranked within the page no ranking does not matter, it is very difficult to have. It also requires us to change, in the Shanghai dragon do not legalistic, but should be in the premise of theoretical support under the bold attempt, and should know how to choose.

for the mall. I recommend Bo Po to Bloodstone alphabet might be better 贵族宝贝shop.artxun. Com/jixueshi/

for this data is compared to some other B2B, B2C website traffic may not be too much, but the antique this industry has his limitations, relative to the data in my opinion is the antique class mall NO.1.

below the first look at the station to see some sites by love



recently also contributed several articles in each big website, reprint volume are also good, basic can feel 100, write text is purely to link and write, and I see most of the text is also to link and write, not the real thing, basically is a commonplace talk of an old scholar things, a lot of online yisou, ha ha, I do not deny your approach, after all the good stuff is not so easy to write, and we need to improve our soft website exposure, so it causes a chain of soft Wen, I suggest that you get in the chain at the same time or try to write something practical, so that readers love, imperceptibly reproduced in our article, Why not?? after the author will be directed towards practical soft development. Talk a few words, I give you the following into the subject, analysis of a competitor’s site. The domain name posted shop.artxun. Com, the basic data of

I watched this website basically rely on a lot of the long tail word to get traffic, here we have to "Bloodstone price" as an example to analyze under the Bo Po mall in war, first posted 贵族宝贝shop.artxun. Com/wd_27980/, you can open the URL, and then combined with the analysis of my taste.

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