How to effectively improve an optimization scheme

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we have a lot of choice, especially for the company’s choice, as long as you trust, can find a suitable service for your company. When you start to do the optimization of the selected company, communication is an indispensable part, we have the right to ask the company to give us a complete scheme of Shanghai dragon, to determine your choice whether the company meets our requirements, we can achieve the heart in ideal solutions. Also we determined whether to really determine the company to complete our program. If you don’t mind, so we should refuse to reason the company to re select. The above said is we to the requirements of the company, but for ourselves, we only need a perfect Shanghai Longfeng scheme, then the perfect scheme should be like, how can be complete or complete, so have the following content, can be identified.

is the second competitor; to succeed, in self-improvement, is essential for competitors, so we need to analyse the situation of the rival and where the advantage, the so-called know ourselves baizhanbudai, just so. Do the same in a Shanghai Longfeng scheme, we also need to analyze competitors, start from what aspects of competitors, is also a key, generally speaking, we are following the analysis of competitors, can be simple to master some basic conditions of the opponent. The competitors website content update immediately when website of network age, the total collection of this website is much and the collection rate and the snapshot fresh degree. The next station is the basic information including title, meta, URL standard, link the depth of processing, headings (H1, H2, Nofollow) optimization application, directory page and content page. The last is to understand the external data, including external chain quantity and quality, the station of the chain, the homepage of the chain and brand awareness. Master these contents, it basically the competitors have a certain understanding, in our hearts must have such idea, must be better than he does well, here also have certain standards and evaluation of raw.

is the first choice of keywords, the keywords; for any enterprise or business station, station, or even part of individuals to do personal station, we all need to choose the important keywords, keywords, will affect the development of the site, I believe that both stop doing business, do business, or do the personal station, all hope to have a long-term development, so the choice of keywords is indispensable, but in the choice of keywords for the website, since it is important, it can not be sloppy, should be considered include: Internet users most want to search, what can best embody the value of keywords and what is the most appropriate keywords and not burdensome what meets the above three keywords website content update is a problem, it should be the most appropriate, the most reasonable That is, professionals said on the level of key words.

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