Love Shanghai algorithm to update the site external optimization have significance

but this change, large-scale e-commerce website, Internet portals, well-known sites have not been a big impact, mainly is the station was seriously wounded, so love Shanghai is not let small live? In the future new Adsense optimization work is to have a new executive.

Let’s look at the

because the site itself weight is not high, only with station exchange, I suspect that is not a problem here. May the love sea chain station was K off, I test the chain out of the station, there is a website that can’t open, I click on the link in is normal, and there is a link, when the detection is so uncertain. Have encountered this situation before, that is the money paid through this show. Links no problem.

When the Comparison of the The

is the first to buy the chain

every day to see the chain habit, because it has been optimized in the external website, these data undoubtedly reflects an optimization effect for a grassroots webmaster, and affirmed the efforts. This morning, I entered the company, after the data flow aspects are similar with the usual, not much change, and then to the webmaster tools to check the other data included no change, outside chain surprised me, from nearly twenty thousand before dropped to only 78, suddenly frightened me, I carefully recall optimization work this time to do, try to find out.

site itself has a long time didn’t do optimization, only in the revision, but there has been no what to do on the site. The article has been updated every day, also have their own original things, if not too professional, does not affect foreign chain, and included the other no change.

competition website

detection usually contrast competitors’sites, was found outside their data in addition to the chain, the others are all normal. And outside chain even left a few have, like suddenly this strange chain reduced, not because the site itself.

is not just on the line of my management website, before the owners bought a number of gold, but I do not agree with the short-term purchase form, although the effect is fast, but for the long-term development is very unfavorable, so do not renew, and some time ago, the chain fell from 60 thousand to 20 thousand, and just noble baby the PR update site is down right after this time, the site has stabilized, therefore, the two suddenly dropped not because of the number of the chain did not buy, say fast on-line a year every day people work outside the chain, can’t be true before 78, I fell in love with the sea search under way Wyatt car steward "(www.86590贵族宝贝), the original search page is nearly 70 thousand, but this time a drop to 134 pages, you actually point to the last page, the page 1340. The more I think should be the strange love Shanghai adjustment problems.

I used the same method to detect


site optimization

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