The value orientation of building good care in the chain


Hello, today with everybody discussion is in the value chain, why is the internal value chain and that is the role of the chain in that? Because even one entering the Shanghai dragon industry people know, the hair of the chain and in the chain optimization can improve the rankings, so here is not in that role within the chain, but the construction of good inside chain in addition to enhance the ranking of what is the value of the site? Today I stand in the perspective of network marketing analysis for everybody:

‘s purpose is to give users demand, so as to maximize the value of our site, but the premise is that you must have someone to this website! If no one came, everything is empty. If someone comes, whether you can leave the site, which means you can let the user experience of the website user satisfaction? A user experience of the website also reflects how? My answer is to start from the details, so that users can feel you to him (her) care website! The whole is on a chain in the chain architecture, user contact most is also the site of the key part of what we are talking about today, within the chain how to build good care, increase the user experience, so as to explore the various needs of users of

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was the first to tell you a little story, an old grandma went to the market to buy a pear, met a traders, traders asked grandma need to buy some pears? My pear is big and sweet, the old grandmother smiled and walked. Then I met second traders, also asked the old grandmother to buy a pear? Grandma said, traders asked me here is acid sweet, what do you need? Grandma said to buy acid, and then the grandmother bought a little sour pear. As she walked along to meet third traders, saw the old woman carrying a pear, asked grandma to buy the pear is what to do with it, grandma answered and said to traders daughter-in-law to eat, because the daughter was pregnant, want to eat sour. Then traders will give grandma speak a lot of pregnancy should pay attention to matters, and finally to the grandmother said, during pregnancy should improve vitamin C, so the children will plump, grandma heard this, he asked how to make vitamin C vendors, dealers will give grandma? Also recommended several kinds of fruit, and the old grandmother bought down! From this story we can see, originally grandma is to buy a pear, specifically to buy a sour pear. But the first traders do not know grandma’s demand, so people will not buy, and second vendors to tap into the current needs of the user, grandma bought his pear. Third traders are using the opportunity to talk to fully understand the various needs of the grandmother, grandmother so he didn’t need to buy other fruit case also successfully sold me grandma several fruits. The different behavior of the three vendors also produced three different user experience! In fact that, of the three traders is three sites, while the old grandma is that access to the user of this site, what it is and guide grandmother to buy things? Is within the chain, specifically within the chain of concern the current demand! Only if you are standing in the user’s point of view to understand the user, starting from the hand to the user.

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