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I know, every link is appropriate several problems, which had heard, I don’t think I have personally tested, this was a one-time purchase that half believe and half doubt, rush into danger 31 station links, led directly to the site is down right. Site drop right, for the webmaster, is a very painful thing. To this, to the webmaster, do stand to be low-key, especially when you love Shanghai dripping with the river cruise, more cautious, a little attention will be drowned if you want to stage a comeback, you need to pay more

so, what safe? According to the experience, buy a link, not assault, do not fool. The weights of the general web site links to a purchase within 15. I bought some links of success will be the main site of the first page of a few keywords experience, remember most of the time a one-time purchase of 13 links. I can’t touch the bottom line clear love Shanghai.

website optimization, in the construction of the chain in the chain, is a very difficult thing. Outside the chain, how can we get? Free information website, B2B platform, BBS signature, blog, soft and so on? I once read an article in Shanghai dragon master to write the article, the whole introduces 101 methods to get the chain but not each are very practical, which are very creative but, in my opinion, in some special circumstances can be used as a top secret weapon, but conditions are not allowed, the inconvenience a try. Often the most commonly used method is the most easy to implement, perseverance, success will point the day and await for it. Often in the real operation process, our webmaster webmaster and because of the limited time, their own work to do, do the chain, this is a thing to persevere, but due to various reasons into three days fishing nets two days of drying.


is another elegant phenomenon is punished.

The author of several previous

so we want to do outside the chain, there are no shortcuts? If there is no "work" and by the way. I believe that in addition to those black hat with mass software to set up the chain, there is a way to buy a certain number of links (the mentioned links are specified rather than black chain chain). But now the search engine has become more and more smart, buy links once found will be considered a cheating, buy links itself to search engine rankings, is the manipulation behavior of a non natural, once found will be punished.

website success ranking to love Shanghai home case, can process the link to buy ranking way up on the site contributed. But there is also a painful experiences of failure, two sites in the Shanghai love good ranking is a mountain, far more than two months is still no improvement, I deeply appreciate the "water can carry a boat can capsize frustration. The author believes that the purchase link, not a high-profile act, should not overdo sth.. Should let search engine feel natural, this way is safe.


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