A new love Shanghai in the eyes of ordinary users

in recent days, I spent some time watching the Robin Li love Shanghai world. In the book of Robin Li, I saw a walk in the tough love in Shanghai. Remember in the book mentioned in Shanghai when the new love is very small, can be likened to a newborn baby, the number of employees is also rarely are a lot of interns. Love Shanghai staff working environment, office, and in one or two small office location: a hotel on the north side of the two rented a small room, from here, I saw the love Shanghai, is actually very small, there are a few people will pay attention to these, because everyone think now, love Shanghai is very beautiful, that accounts for the search engine market share? And love of Shanghai every day, every month, every quarter, every year. How much money, we feel proud. In fact, as a love Shanghai years of loyal users, but this is the love of Shanghai behind the silence hard to pay for return.


speaking of love Shanghai, start from one of my classmates, I clearly remember the time when, in 2009, I was in high school, the first semester will buy a mobile phone, very cheap; but the mind is very happy, holding a mobile phone in with; each key is to return to a few times. Sometimes the mobile phone suddenly opened a lot of things on the card, to solve the problem, but also with a silly way; the cover is a direct lift, a plate came out; after many, many quick; direct is the demolition of a pack, instantly. Chat, the first use of mobile phone, feeling a little deviation from today’s central theme, I will get it! I remember in a language class, the teacher had finished an article, then provided some extra-curricular knowledge, speaking of a writer’s name; then tell a little story about the writer listen, I told the writer had a strong interest in, I asked a classmate at that time; I say this writer is where ah! How is so famous? My high school classmates are also very confused, don’t know what it is? I do not know the answer; then he raised a the word was: "love is Shanghai, you don’t know?" I was in a daze; I am busy questioning! What is love what is love Shanghai? Shanghai? At that time very strange expression, everyone was looking at me, seemingly with point discrimination, love is the sea Don’t know what you out?. Then, my classmates, I want to help me out of mobile phone, a browser. He loves Shanghai very skillfully open the page; give me the first feeling, fell in love with Shanghai logo. Because I love to see pictures, he opened and then give me a demonstration, you want to search for what, directly to the word input into this box, and then click on the "love Shanghai" which is OK, the answer, the results also make my love, very satisfied.


love a love the beginning of the use of Shanghai:

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