From the view of the future development of the integration of search optimization


B. page title – picture in the title of the page is also very important. >

a.ALT text – target keywords, accurate description of image content.

1. news search

news search is the most important search engine into the news source. So how to make your site into the news source? Two methods: A. make their sites become love Shanghai news source, you can go to love Shanghai customer service center news release included submitted their information. The benefits can improve your weight, improve page spider crawling frequency. But it is difficult to succeed, unless you are a category of information website, and quality content, otherwise don’t want. Push the B. channel is very simple, find some big newspapers and magazines, radio and television network news website or portal website. To the editor, editor, writer what the development of the relationship between friends, for money, saying things will give you up.

how do we integrate search optimization

Enter the

integrated search optimization including news search, image optimization, video optimization, customer service phone. Today for everyone finishing it, share and learn.

? image search

image optimization techniques:

we do Shanghai Longfeng work errors, most people think that work is to optimize the Shanghai dragon ", the front row of the web content to OK. But the reality is not only the competition with you ", also appeared in the map, video, blog, news, pictures and so on. You are not at the front row. Most of them love their love such as Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar love love love Shanghai, Shanghai pictures, space and so on. The SERP page is so big promotion we will not say, the rest is than the love of his Shanghai home, or high weight site occupied, we can only watch our website row to the first page? So we do the Shanghai dragon cannot ignore these contents, to optimize. More widely, a variety of multimedia content and social network content, should be included in the scope of work of the Shanghai dragon. This undoubtedly makes us er Shanghai dragon to consider a problem — the integration of search optimization.

I popular explain when we search for one thing, the normal search results appear in the SERP page in the search page not only display normal text and graphics, video, news, blogs, maps, books and other vertical search results. This is a search engine of progress in the development, diversification, and the content is more rich, in fact, we can see that the search engine more and more attention to the user’s behavior, more and more changes are set to the user, this will give us an opportunity to Shanghai dragon Er, is of course a challenge, if we do not have the strength of the when the top of the page text, through the integration of search results before entering a few.

? First, I want to speak a What is the integration of search optimization principle

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