From the love Shanghai clicks at the website bounce rate would not affect the ranking


website is slow, not only affect the site’s ranking, the site is also the bounce rate is very important, if the user on your site have to wait a long time to be loaded, it will greatly increase the probability of closing out the. Improve the site access speed, can buy a stable space, the page not to put too many pictures and flash, using simple code construction site etc..

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is also a user experience, love Shanghai clicks by means of cheating, improve the user experience, and the bounce rate high, indicating a poor user experience. For the website jump out rate "love Shanghai search engine optimization to guide 2" out of the explanation is only visited a page out of. The bounce rate will affect the site’s ranking, or even drop right, there are so many objections, I still believe that the high bounce rate will certainly affect the ranking, jump that high rate of poor user experience, this is no doubt, love Shanghai clicks can bring ranking, it is told the search engine, the website user experience better, so there are so many people to click on it, jump out rate is high what reason will not lead to the decline in ranking? It is telling the love of Shanghai said the website user experience is not good, which leads out? So, do website user experience, reduce the rate of jump out, then not because the ranking fluctuations caused by high bounce rate, but also reduce the bounce rate can even improve the ranking. And the website bounce rate affected by what


for many webmaster, advertising is the only source of income, when the sites have a certain flow, will be a lot in advertising, the entire page is full of ads, floating, or even the bomb box, it is very easy to cause the user antipathy to direct exit. In the premise of maintaining clean and tidy page, put appropriate advertising, let the user naturally on the site, browse more pages, or click on ads.

said Shanghai dragon black hat, you have to mention the recent Shanghai dragon cheating tool – love Shanghai clicks, a time to love Shanghai clicks N seckill many webmaster, the effect can be in a short time to let in the sea with keywords ranked as one of the top 20 to the top three, the chain, chain, high quality for a time, are into the clouds. Why love Shanghai clicks so wonderful? Shanghai love the attention to user experience has not in my side, too much emphasis, when using love Shanghai clicks to switch proxy IP and click on the residence time is long enough, the love of Shanghai would think that there is a N user through the search keyword and click on the target page, if the target page relative ranking, but because more hits the page, love Shanghai will think this page to the user value greater than those currently ranked in front of the page, and then make adjustments in the update, make the page ranking.

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