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after I just finished a subtle change after the website of the Shanghai dragon VIP, has changed original layout style after the first line, love Shanghai side is taken in this way, we can not say that is not a coincidence. In fact, the face of love Shanghai, we do not be too nervous, especially the Shanghai dragon who. Because we usually have the habit of love Shanghai to browse, change suddenly, it will make a lot of people think. In fact, you can go and see the other search engines, will not feel the love of Shanghai to do what is wrong. In order to search the Xi’an website construction company as an example, look at the mainstream search engine, we naturally understand.

and love is contrary to the original intention of Shanghai, on a user’s meal enterprise all engage in some things contrary to the wishes of users, it will be a long time? If you do not love, can not choose, no search engine must be our only choice. It is not difficult to see that the mainstream trend now is such, like Shanghai itself constantly learning from the advantages of Google, Google is also in the rape of the user experience? The best user experience is 360 search, no advertising, now you can use the. If it is after the advertising, but also to the left line, how to do? The world cannot be changed, only to adapt.


from other search engines situation, others in this way, but we did not pay much attention to. Shanghai love every change and adjustment, the overall affirmation is to go in the right direction, can not sacrifice the user experience to do the low-end thing. Although, the bidding result is closer to the center, after all, advertising is advertising, users will first look at the nature of the search results. If the site’s ranking is not good, and love to blame Shanghai adjustment for Shanghai dragon, is a bit far fetched. Although love Shanghai has no formal statement, but certainly not for a particular population. Even, also want to observe a few days, to see if there is no official explanation. You can imagine, if this way is not good, the baby will not noble, after all its users to more than the love of Shanghai. Shanghai dragon will pay more attention to the content of the construction, to try to find the keywords ranking for low competition high conversion words, love Shanghai will put all the words are out of monopoly? The construction of website brand later than the ranking is more important.

hit Shanghai dragon is not agree with

looked at the above several major search engine results, we should not be surprised, the giant Google is such a layout, Shanghai will not follow the love learning? In addition to the 360 search engines are relatively clean without advertising, basically search engines are left aligned taken to show the way.

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