The lesson of blood About Shanghai dragon is how novice died

Shanghai dragon is holding hand attitude towards building the first site, all the money from the start. Only in the virtual host to find some cheap, unreliable channel. Early to save money but not easy to pleased with oneself, late for a long time, the optimization of the key has ranked the results one day website, can not find the service. Sometimes, the web site is the small host to play games, the site get you paralysis, said to be hacked, let you add money to upgrade IP.

as a novice, must clearly love Shanghai in the assessment period, whether to release the inside pages included and keywords ranking, there are assessment period, we should make a protracted war. As long as >

2, the optimization work is not careful, causing the site of congenital disabilities.


many novice in the early online website of Shanghai dragon will adhere to take send high-quality articles alone outside the chain until dawn. But he didn’t so strong, over a period of time, Shanghai is still not out of love included, intrinsic motivation is getting worse, depression. Some Shanghai dragon on a single map, low-level pseudo original acquisition and even other students post, sent out the low quality of the chain, down

if you are a cherished enthusiasm for the Shanghai dragon novice, must see this reminder, because this is Shanghai dragon Jones summed up dozens of novice website failure experience refined, hope you can avoid these serious problems in Shanghai Longfeng road farther to learn

and the website was hacked, because the virtual host is very cheap to buy, not specifically to deal with customer service, website time, keywords ranking and flow off the light.


1, cheap, cheap choice of poor service virtual hosting space.


Jones Shanghai dragon saw a lot of optimization novice, eager to special website online friends. That title, column, URL structure, internal code optimization is not considered good, the website in a hurry on the line, and submitted to the search engine. Then because of more thoughts on the website, found his title is too broad, positioning column arrangement is not reasonable, the structure of URL has a problem. If the adjustment, will damage the trust of the new web site in the search engine; if the site is not adjusted, a disability, ranking the troubled


Jones suggested that, since we have to do the best, not starting from the practice angle, to find their own lax reason! Must force yourself to play potential, in order to succeed!

3, because the search engine evaluation result go-slow

Many novice

website optimization division should be in the web site before the online, according to the website positioning write home page keyword, build necessary columns, the necessary code optimization, and in the first test is correct and then on-line (preferably in each column are also send some original articles of high value). In this way, then the search engine came to your site, it will give a good internal basis points.

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