Shanghai needs to optimize a sex spirit of sacrifice

09 years there, I can put a line just two months the site easily do love Shanghai home, only through the purchase of a package link, website update is not so diligent, not to mention the rules, and keywords ranking is climbing, you don’t even have a sense of achievement and pleasure. But as the search engine era is no longer, now, Shanghai Shanghai dragon really need sex a bit of wisdom and toughness, do optimization is not overnight, you need to pay and experience than imagined difficult.

I haven’t written text, but has never left A5, busy will come here to see the Shanghai dragon articles on the Internet, has been an indispensable part in life and work.

some time ago, I Shanghai K station incident affecting many sites, the site has two weight reduced to 0, no ranking, but surprising is that before this is K away home site has several sites in March and April for home but returned, also ranked back to the original level. Therefore, I think, who is K out of my home page is not cheating, the time to prove everything, they were delivered from oppression and the other two, a good website is a mountain, has yet to recover. This reminds me of one word, love Shanghai optimization, we really should have a spirit of sacrifice, in any case we will play the victory of war. With this faith, we set out.

what bothers me is this two years ever since Shanghai dragon devotes oneself to expand our business, has been a heavy blow. The grand blueprint once thought not so full halo. From the early 11 to the present hand manipulated website no less than ten, the breakdown of those fighting in front of the computer day and night, sometimes the result is a sigh. Love Shanghai, I take what to love you. On the contrary, those who fell in love with the sea once ranking is very good and disappeared website in Google ranking has been standing. I also love but to evaluate Google Shanghai and we really believe that who, in front of the fact is, who is our patron who is our God we should believe that we should to who who, reverent and respectful. This is a kind of helpless reality.

the initial contact with the Shanghai dragon is in 09 years, before that, I and a friend opened a company in Shanghai, love has been bidding is our network marketing model, from 07 to 09 years until we broke up, but also because of a shortage of funds, I give up the love of Shanghai bidding and the choice of Shanghai dragon. Then do a keyword ranking area of fairly easy, unlike now, so many people, competition is more than a strong, coupled with love and a test of Shanghai afflict by every means, from the design to the website on-line to the key words on the front page with already doomed.

I have seen the peer enterprises, their layout of the Bureau of the various regions of the country’s big keywords do independent website domain name, keywords of a region or even up to 3-5 sites, they decorate, of course.

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