Study on the factors influencing the host space of Shanghai Dragon

search engine spiders when you visit the site, if the host crashes, can not open the page, the spider does not immediately delete the page in the index database search engine, and over a period of time again to grab the page. Because the spider can not detect host space cannot be accessed after, immediately delete included page, so under normal circumstances do not worry too much about the stability of the host space is a devastating blow to the Shanghai dragon. For example, the occasional 3 host space monthly 5 minutes of the restart, crashes, unable to respond to situations such as it was – but if the host space is very susceptible to the problem of search engine optimization, so the impact is very big.

host setting error generally occurs in the thin server maintenance technology, some independent experienced small hosting providers who. The search engine spiders, although it try to simulate the actions of ordinary users to access the website, but after all, is not really so many Internet users, when the site is the normal access to the user, but because the server set wrong, the search engine spiders that is not accessible.

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search engine optimization host space extreme instability, frequent crashes, the result will only let visitors feel your website is not a concern of the website, so you will not pass the visitors to get high traffic but also get good rankings of the key word.

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host space is a basic platform for website operation, it determines the speed of opening and operation of the site stability of website. To choose the appropriate search engine optimization of the host space, we need from the user experience point of view, the host space will be faster and more stable for better user experience; secondly from the search engine optimization point of view, the major search engines have begun to consider hosting space access speed, Google is clearly put forward the project has been included in the ranking factors.

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so, what are the factors affecting the host space of Shanghai dragon, we analysis:


search engine optimization independent host maintenance experience, often based on network. I do not know.

, high speed

‘s search engine, have a lot of parameters involved in the user experience into the ranking algorithm, such as Google has made it clear that will "site speed" as a factor in the keyword ranking algorithm, and also provides a "web site performance test tools in Webmaster tools, as shown below. In the same case, Google thinks open faster website, user experience better, the rank will be more happy; on the contrary, the two factors of the website keywords ranking, open more slowly, the lower the ranking. So, choose the primary standard of host space is to speed.

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