Refuse outside the chain of tools may lead to the site to drop right

refused to love Shanghai outside the chain of tools of improper use may cause the site to drop right? Is it true? The truth in March the author had never been aware of the seriousness of this problem. But in February 19, 2013 March 1st Shanghai green love algorithm on-line, love Shanghai refused to link tool beta version of the line, only 9 days apart! Is this a coincidence?

Many owners of

love to play a trick on Shanghai

love Shanghai is explained: Scindapsus algorithm is a search engine of the anti spam algorithm, the algorithm is mainly against the super chain intermediary, sell links, buy links and other super chain cheating, to purify the Internet environment, to better enhance the user experience. The algorithm for link behavior in the removal of the chain based on the calculation, we will make further adjustments to the site itself.

refused to link tool launched today and even a lot of people not to regard it as right, has not used the tools. But I see the introduction of the tool is covered with a shiver, because it breaks the website can only passively accept the chain pattern, make your site outside the chain can be controlled, which means that the owners of the chain site has the right to choose, you can choose to, can also choose not to, website the chain can not control properties disappear, if the website is the chain of garbage into the station has not shirk its responsibility, now love Shanghai again because of spam links to the website right down, we dare to say "no"

algorithm looks amazing is Scindapsus, users of the gospel, the small website webmaster nightmare. The algorithm on the line, links to websites that sell by K at the same time, part of the small and medium-sized site was accidental injury, why stick injuries? It is because the love of Shanghai and can not accurately calculate who is a link to buy, whose link is normal, it is based on a hyperlink algorithm (Robin Li patent) calculation here, for example, a large chain of the website, the website has a large number of low weight high weight one-way links and so on, thus to determine whether to punish the sale of links to the web site. And those of us hard to force the grassroots webmaster do algorithm on the line before the green world full of small ads posted a lot of things, it can hardly be avoided being injured.


injury is not important, the key is to fire a wake-up call, love Shanghai began to junk the chain on the site, if you waste too much the chain may lead to site is down right, but it is unlikely before 2013. Because we have plenty of reasons to refute: one is if the garbage outside the chain can make the site right down, so I bought a lot of individual links to competitors website, not allow competitors to die without the burial ground? Two is due to site outside the chain is not controllable factors, not because of external factors do not love Shanghai controllable and right down to the target sites. I guess love Shanghai cannot refute this reason, but the love of Shanghai is very clever, he should have come up with a countermeasure, so after Scindapsus algorithm just launched 9 days, love Shanghai non-stop launched refused to link.

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