Shanghai love struck lottery site outside the chain Scindapsus algorithm how to do

love Shanghai launched a clear Scindapsus aureus algorithm is directed against this site, if still in this lottery website content and no relation to the website to buy links, that is the risk of K has greatly increased.

(3) in the search for good links to resources, not the time link regularity, let love Shanghai algorithm rules.

(2) when the purchase link in you, not because of resources to find, lower quality website. Would a small amount to be of high quality.

launched a new algorithm facing love Shanghai, buy links I also changed the strategy.

love Shanghai’s launch was also a period of time, at that time the algorithm officially launched a network promotion effect, time Voices of discontent. Boos community forum. K, right down, shot there are injured, many lottery website owners have not yet recovered.

finally, in links to buy some small skills, so it is not easy to fall in love with the sea algorithm:

(1) in the purchase of external links, don’t buy in large quantities, the chain increased too much in your lottery website and is a one-way link, It is without rhyme or reason., it is likely to be in love with the sea. For the algorithm of cheating.

just in this algorithm, the link to buy a four wind blow, I hesitated for a long time, but also do not buy lottery site links, still dare to buy? I finally decided to buy in a try. Buy link it is really no way in the way, my site is 贵族宝贝 lottery software sales site, or just on the line near the lottery website, but also ranked in a short period of time, in this case I decided to risk it.

Smith, a plant. With this love Shanghai for his own search engine algorithm named, is profound. "Green" is a green, clean meaning. Love Shanghai to name their own algorithm "which shows on the sale of industry links" determination to fight. Make the search more green more healthy. Love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm will spearhead the following kinds: intermediary link site site, link site and link to the site to buy sell.

in the link, link the site to sell intermediary sites such platform, website quality is very poor, not a big push to link hanging in there is so much spam links.

spend some time to find these links in your resources, you will find your website ranking is up, but also very stable, will not be in love with the sea station K.

At that time Two reasons:

in Shanghai love > push algorithm

first, I won’t be in the intermediary link, link to sell such station place to search for resources:

Scindapsus algorithm One reason:

then, I will find myself with the lottery website high correlation site purchase link, is associated with the lottery website, this is the chance of K will be much smaller.

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