Diaspora has contributed US$186,000 to Jamaica’s education sector

first_imgThe Jamaican Diaspora has contributed US$186,000 to the education sector for the period April 2016 to March 2017. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Kamina Johnson Smith, made the revelation while speaking at a Jamaica Diaspora Day breakfast event held at the Jamaica National Financial Centre on Belmont Road in Kingston on Sunday. The event was held to commission a study on the economic value of the Diaspora, undertaken by the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI) and the Jamaica Diaspora Institute (JDI). It was also part of activities to observe Diaspora Day celebrated locally and abroad on June 16.Haiti has been hit by more tragedy. Although the impact was nowhere near the scale of the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew last year, torrential rains left a trail of death and damage in the country. One person is reported dead and scores have been injured, including five in critical condition. The heavy downpours hammered Archaie, located north of the capital Port-au-Prince, triggering landslides. Several houses were destroyed. Officials reported that at least five residents were buried in a landslide, and rescue efforts are continuing in communities hard hit by the disaster.The 21st American Black Film Festival (ABFF) is set to close its expansive schedule with a community event in partnership with the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau (GMCVB), in tandem with Miami Film Month. The annual Community Day celebration took place on Sunday June 18 at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex The day included a film screenings and a panel discussion  The ABFF Community Day provides the community of Miami the opportunity to view some of the best films that showcased at the festival. This year, the two feature films being highlighted are Step, courtesy of Fox Searchlight and Downsized, courtesy of TV One.And in Sports Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson will return to the track at the Meeting de Paris returns to the Charléty Stadium on July 1, the French leg of the IAAF Diamond League will boast one of its best line-ups in recent years. Thompson, the Olympic 100m and 200m champion, will be competing in the shorter sprint event at the Charléty Stadium. The Jamaican, who sped to a world-leading 10.78 in Shanghai last month, will face Ivorian duo Murielle Ahouré and Marie-Josée Ta Lou. Jamaica’s world leading hurdler, Omar McLeod will also compete in the high hurdles.Here’s What’s Trending.The high-profile case accusing Bill Cosby of aggravated indecent assault ended in a mistrial Saturday after a Pennsylvania jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision. The outcome leaves one of America’s most recognized entertainers as well as his accusers without vindication, but prosecutors immediately announced they will retry the case. About an hour into the sixth day of deliberations, Judge Steven O’Neill declared that the jury of seven men and five women were hopelessly deadlocked in a legal battle closely watched by the public as well as dozens of women who have accused Cosby of similar misconduct in the past.For Tomorrow’s weather forecastIt will be partly cloudy with scattered thunderstorms in Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach Counties with a high of 88 and a low of 77 degrees. Today’s news was brought to you by the Florida Department of Health in Broward County, who encourages you to Protect Your Baby, Vaccinate On Time, Every Time.  They remind you that Immunizations are SAFE, PROVEN PROTECTION. For more on these and other stories visit us at caribbeannationalweekly.com Make sure to pick your copy of Caribbean News weekly at your nearest Caribbean American outlet.last_img read more

Bruins’ Collison injures knee in exhibition

first_imgFrom staff reports When Darren Collison went to UCLA’s bench in the second half of an exhibition game, it seemed like a customary move to rest a starter during a blowout. However, Collison injured his left knee Friday against Azusa Pacific and will have an MRI today. Collison had his knee wrapped and was on crutches after the game. Ben Howland said the worst-case scenario is a meniscus tear. That could mean a 4-to-6 week rehabilitation period and possible arthroscopic surgery. Collison never limped off the court. He scored the game’s first points off a steal and a one-handed dunk, so perhaps he came down awkwardly on the court after that play. Collison was meeting with a doctor and his parents after the game. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREStriving toward a more perfect me: Doug McIntyre Asked if he heard something pop, Collison said: “A little. We’ll see.” Collison scored 12 points on 5-for-7 shooting and added seven assists in UCLA’s 111-61 victory.last_img read more

Warriors’ Kuchle No. 3 in the state for rebounds

first_imgRed Bluff >> Despite a tough season for the Mercy Warriors boys basketball team a bright spot was center Marcus Kuchle, who led the Five Star league and was third in the state in rebounds, averaging 17.7 per game.Kuchle hauled in a total of 442 rebounds over the course of 25 games, compared to the state’s No. 1 rebounder Horant Chen, of Cornerstone Christian in Wildomar, who had 369 over the course of 19 games. In the No. 2 spot was Dexter Aranda, of Annenberg in Los Angeles, with 260 in 14 …last_img read more

Neanderthals Not Our Cousins, Expert Claims

first_imgThe news media are reporting claims that Neanderthals and modern humans never interbred, based on work from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.  Both EurekAlert and Nature Science Update repeat the claim that the institute’s study of DNA and bones from four Neanderthals and five modern humans from scattered locations rules out any interbreeding.That’s until you read the fine print.  Can such things be known?  Listen to the disclaimers in the NSU article:Although the two groups seem to have been genetically separate, the fossil record is too patchy, and dating methods too unreliable, to say whether this was because they never met, or because they simply didn’t consider each other an enticing proposition.    Given the small number of fossils studied, it’s also possible that interbreeding did occur, he [David Serre] adds, but that we have not found the evidence yet.    Such a match-up would have been genetically feasible, says Stringer.  The two groups were closer in genetic terms than other primates that happily breed today, he says.If these were potentially interbreeding humans, then forget the racism going on in all this Neanderthal/modern dichotomizing.  All scientists can observe is that there were a few distinct physical characteristics among the Neanderthals, such as prominent brows and thicker bones.  What can we know but that early wrestlers and bikers just got together and formed their own societies?    There are groups of modern humans even today who prefer to associate with others like themselves.  They can and do form distinctive populations, like pygmies or Watusi.    The Bible speaks of the sons of Anak and the Nephelim who were giants in their time.  Did the Israelites interbreed with them?  Probably not.  Was either group non-human?  Of course not.    Dead men tell no tales.  Living ones, however, often tell whoppers, especially those in the Darwin population.(Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Resources lead JSE slump

first_imgLocal marketsThe JSE shed 0.92% on Thursday as an oversupply of iron ore in China saw the value of local iron producers fall, dragging the resources sector down 2.19%.The rand lost ground against all major currencies to close the day at R10.64 to the US dollar, R17.60 to the British pound and Rx14.01to the euro.Renewed tensions in the Ukraine saw brent crude rise 0.07% as investors expressed concerns over increased risk of energy supplies.International marketsOn Asian markets, a stronger yen saw Japan’s Nikkei Index drop 0.48%, while China’s Shanghai Index continued yesterday’s losses, falling 0.62%, and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index lost 0.51%.European markets traded weaker on Thursday as investors considered valuations and increased geopolitical tensions. The German DAX closed 1.24% down, the French CAC40 dropped 0.6% and the English FTSE slipped 0.36%.American markets also faired worse after retailers reported poor earnings and violence in the Ukraine flared. The Dow Jones traded 0.3% weaker, the S&P 500 ended 0.21% lower and the Nasdaq fell 0.24%.Share price newsAfter investors sold 720,299 shares in 546 deals, Murray And Roberts Holdings (MUR) gained 3.59% to close at R26.25 a share, putting them on Thursday’s list of shares above R1 to gain the most over the day. Joining it was soft goods retailers Taste Holdings (TAS), which added 4.29% after 84 deals traded 263,136 shares resulting in a closing share price of R3.40. The company announced that it had raised R180 million for further growth declaration announcement in respect of the Taste rights offer.Amongst the top movers downwards of whose share prices are greater than R1 was Impala Platinum Holdings (IMP), which fell to R97.00 after 6,799 deals resulted in 3,633,310 shares swapping hands, sending the share price down 5.27%. The company released summarised consolidated annual results for the year ended 30 June 2014. After investors traded 2,484,364 shares in 3,838 deals, BHP Billiton (BIL) slid 2.92% to R334.00 a share. The company announced the cancellation of treasury shares.Sharenetlast_img read more

5 Reasons Your Day For Night Footage Doesn’t Look Right

first_imgShooting day for night is a technique that has been around for ages, however many filmmakers make critical mistakes both during production and post that completely give away the effect.[Above image from Hejl on Flickr)For any of you that are hearing the term ‘day for night’ for the first time, I’ll take a moment here to explain exactly what that means. Essentially day for night shooting quite literally involves shooting a scene during the daytime that is supposed to be set at night in the context of the story. Most often it’s achieved by underexposing the image in camera, setting the white balance to a cooler setting, and color correcting the footage in post to sell the look.This technique is often used on smaller scale productions that don’t have massive lighting budgets, as it can become extremely costly to attempt to light a large night time exterior, and shooting day for night often allows for a much more efficient and inexpensive solution. That said, it isn’t all about cost either. Many large scale productions opt to shoot day for night for various creative reasons.When done well, the practice of shooting day for night can look really great and become almost completely unnoticeable (to the untrained eye at least), but the key lies in the execution. The truth of the matter unfortunately, is that most filmmakers attempting this look for the first time come up short as it can be a challenging task to handle.1. The talent was placed in front of the sunProbably the number one rule when shooting day for night is to be aware of where the sun is in relation to your talent. In order to really sell this effect, you need to get the sun light to behave light moonlight on camera, which involves placing your talent in front of the sun. Just like you would if you were shooting a person in the middle of the day, you want to use the sun as a backlight when shooting day for night so it creates a rim behind your talent. This is the first step in achieving a day for night look – if you were to shoot with the sun glaring down on your talents faces and creating harsh shadows, you would immediately be giving away the day for night look.2. You aren’t shooting at the right time of dayOn days with really harsh sunlight, it doesn’t matter where you place your talent – the sun may just be too strong. For example, if you place the sun behind your talent (with no diffusion) and the sun is blowing out their shoulders, it doesn’t matter how you try to color correct that shot later, it’s going to look funny. Another example would involve wide shots, where you might be revealing hard shadows on the ground or on walls that again are synonymous with sunlight. If either of these potential problems arise while shooting, your end result will suffer as the audience will read it as a day for night scene, or even worse they will assume it was shot at night with really poor lighting.Whenever possible, try to avoid shooting right in the middle of the day. Around noon is typically when the sun is at it’s highest point and will cause the most issues for you. If possible, aim to shoot later in the day when the sun is getting a bit lower so that you have more wiggle room while shooting.3. The exposure isn’t set rightShooting day for night means exposing your image as if it was actually shot at night, or in other words – underexposing. A very common issue that filmmakers run into when shooting day for night material is that they neglect to exposure their footage in a way that will allow them to later color correct their footage to help sell the effect. Put differently, they simply expose their image in the same way that they would in a daytime scene, and this can be hugely problematic when it comes time to color the shots.While there is a lot of work that can (and should) be done in post, in order to get the best possible results you need to be working with an image that was exposed intentionally for this type of look. I always recommend underexposing by at least one stop (sometimes even two or three, but use your discretion), so you are putting your levels in a place that is much closer to what real night time footage would look like. This way you don’t need to push things as drastically in post, and your final look will be far more organic.4. The white balance is offMost cameras don’t shoot raw (and rather shoot to a compressed codec like H264 or ProRes), which means that you really need to nail your white balance in camera when shooting day for night. Imagine you were to shoot a day for night scene with a daytime white balance applied (let’s say 5600K). When you get to the editing room and attempt to color correct the footage to actually look like night footage (likely bringing it closer to 3200K), you will have to push the colors around so far that the image may start to fall apart.Compressed codecs offer a finite level of color correction ability, so always make sure that you are white balancing to a cooler setting in camera so that you don’t force yourself to push things too far in post and completely degrade the image. Obviously codecs like ProRes will give you more wiggle room than H264, but as a general rule of thumb try to nail your white balance in camera as much as possible no matter what, to be on the safe side.5. Color correction is way offEven if you do everything right in production – expose your image properly, place the talent in front of the sun at an optimal point of the day, set your white balance accordingly, etc. your footage is still only as good as your color pass. The source footage that you’re going to work with is never going to be perfectly believable, and as such it’s really important that you understand how to properly color grade your footage to emphasize the day for night look.The biggest two issues I see with regards to color work on day for night footage are: Highlight levels and color balance. The highlight levels need to be brought down as far as possible (without going overboard) to take away from any harshness in the image that may have been caused by the sun. And the color balance also needs to be carefully adjusted (often times by desaturating, moving the midtones and highlights to a purple-blue color, and neutralizing the shadows). By doing so the final image looks far more believable and will have that extra bit of polish to it.Do your research and never skimp out during the color stage as this is where at least 50% of the magic happens!last_img read more

Embargoed, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq exists in solitary confinement

first_imgIt is tempting to look at Iraq as a hindi movie script gone horribly over the top. Saddam Hussein is Amrish Puri.Dharmendra defeated but did not quite demolish him, so now Sunny Deol has sworn to finish the task – George Bush followed by George W. Bush.Behind such black humour,It is tempting to look at Iraq as a hindi movie script gone horribly over the top. Saddam Hussein is Amrish Puri.Dharmendra defeated but did not quite demolish him, so now Sunny Deol has sworn to finish the task – George Bush followed by George W. Bush.Behind such black humour and the equally facile plans of Pentagon war strategists, there lies a country of 25 million, a human drama encapsulating every possible emotion. Iraq’s society is more liberal and secular than any other in the Middle East; Iraq’s polity is built around terrorism-the terrorising of a people by their self-proclaimed emperor.Iraq used to be the progressive face of Arab Islam, the stabilising, moderating influence in a region of religious extremes. The energy of its educated, white-collar middle class was every neighbour’s envy. Today, only a shell survives.An entire value system has collapsed. Iraq was once throbbing; now it is just tired, very tired. Humiliation in the Gulf War, 1991, has been compounded by a decade of economic sanctions. It has taken the luxury of consumerism out of the average Iraqi’s life; indeed, it has consumed the life out of the average Iraqi.Iraqis fear what American bombs may do to their children but the zeal with which they rallied around their patriarch through the war with Iran in the 1980s and then in 1991 has gone. So has the pride and swagger of the legatees of Mesopotamia, of Sumer, of Babylon. All that they are left with is nostalgia; and hope.advertisementI DICTATE, WE DO, THEY DRIVEA couple celebrate their wedding at Baghdad’s state-run Ishtar Hotel – it was once the Sheraton – amid the ubiquitous presence of the “Wise Man of the Arabs”; Sardar Cars, the city’s biggest auto dealer, still sells 50-60 cars a month, from Mercs old and new to pick-up trucks. Only a buccaneer elite, enriched by the parallel economy the embargo has spawned, can afford to buy.COLD COMFORT, HOT MOVESOil is aplenty, water is scarce. An Iraqi improvises his bathtub into a roadside “shop” to sell fellow Baghdadis what they covet most-safe drinking water. The concerns at a city party are altogether different and a throwback to the time when the Iraqi capital’s nightlife still roared.GETTING ALONG GAMELYIf a cursory survey of poster shops be proof, David Beckham is Iraq’s favourite foreigner. His sport itself is a craze and this repaired-football salesman appears confident of good business. His compatriots in a Baghdad cafe wait for their country’s luck to change.WORSHIP, HERO WORSHIPSaddam’s regime is dominated by Sunnis but over 60 per cent of Iraqis are Shias. In Karbala, Shias from across the world congregate at the mausoleums of Imam Hussain.Abbas, part of the Prophet’s family. Meanwhile in Baghdad, a motorist dresses up his Volkswagen Beetle for his leader.last_img read more

7 Beginner Blogger Blunders and How To Avoid Them

first_img I’m sure there are many more common mistakes.  Which ones do you see people make the most often?  Share your thoughts and leave a comment and make the blogosphere a better place. Just because Google makes it easy to throw ads up on your blog doesn’t mean you should.  With minimal traffic, the amount of money you are going to make is neglible (probably pennies a day).  If you’re serious about blogging, you’ll first focus on building an audience before even attempting to try and make money at it.  Trying ads out on your blog too early will reduce the chances of your getting that critical early traffic.  by Bob Walsh.  If you’re thinking about long-time blogger Using a sub-domain (ex: myblog.typepad.com):  Most things in life worth doing take time.  Blogging is no different.  You should give yourself at least 6 months (perhaps even a year) to determine what kind of interest there is out there before giving up due to lack of traffic.  Early momentum is hard, but once things start moving, lots of things will start working in your favor. Topics: Blogging Mistakes are not ranking you (and maybe not even indexing you).  So, there’s really only one source of traffic:  Direct contact.  The best way to get a new blog launched is to tell people in your network that you now have a blog.  Many people are a little reluctant to do this becomes it seems vain or boastful.  As long as you’re sending the notification to people that have an interest in your topic, there’s nothing wrong with it.  . 5.  Getting discouraged too early: :  This is likely the most common mistake.  Sure, you’ve been meaning to get your blog kicked off.  You may have even authored your first article.  But guess what, it’s not a blog until you actually This article is intended for beginning bloggers.  However, even if you’re a I’ve recently finished reading Originally published Apr 9, 2007 10:45:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 writing great content something. Never actually launching it 3.  Spending too much time on design: , bookmark this article so that you can forward it along to your friends and family when they make these common mistakes.  I’ll bet you a dollar that you know at least one person that is making each of these mistakes.center_img 4.  Not telling anyone about it: 7 Common Mistakes When Beginning Blogging search engines start a blog 1. Clear Blogging If you’re going to go to the trouble to publish 7.  Monetizing too early: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Given how easy it is to add various blog widgets to your blog, it’s tempting to go overboard.  Resist the temptation.  In the early weeks, focus on the basics:  Content, comments, categories and perhaps a blog roll.  Save the fancy stuff for later. 2. Don’t let the design of your blog get you bogged down.  Pick one of the many existing templates out there that are free or close to it and go ahead and get started.  You can always change templates later.  Besides, blogs are fundamentally about content.  Aesthetics help, but your first focus should be on 6.  Too many blidgets: The beginning days of a blog are the hardest.  You don’t have anyone linking to you, the starting a business blog or already have one, I think you’ll find some really useful information in the book.  It is a practioner’s guide to blogging.  [Disclaimer:  Bob interviewed me for the book so I have a section in there about using the social content sites to build traffic].  Having started three blogs of my own and helped several others kick theirs off too, I’ve found some common mistakes that beginning bloggers (or would-be bloggers) make.  , then you owe it to yourself to get started right.  Even if you decide to use one of the many popular free blogging services, you should register your own domain name.  There are many reasons for this, but the most important is control over your website URL.  This is one of the few decisions about your blog that is going to be difficult to fix later.  Trust me on this one, the price is worth it.last_img read more

New Search Engine Marketing Report

first_imgOur friends at Marketing Sherpa have published a new report on Search Marketing.  You can download the PDF executive summary and see some of the results.  I also had a chance to talk with Stefan Tornquist, Marketing Sherpa’s Director of Research, today about the report.  If you would like to hear more about the research and how it impacts your company, Marketing Sherpa and HubSpot are teaming up for a free webinar tomorrow.Here are a couple of the big takeaways I have seen so far in the report relative to SEO:Companies are growing their investment in SEO.  The average company in the report plans to increase their spending on SEO by 35%!  That is a big increase when most markeitng budgets grow by only a few percent each year.  of course, SEO is usually far cheaper than PPC, in fact you really can do it yourself with the right tools.SEO has a great ROI.  SEO was listed as the second highest ROI markeitng tool – behind an in house email list.  And I would say that people typically do not properly account for the true cost of a list (it costs you money to get all those names in the first place) so the true ROI is usually less than you think.Did you like what you read? Want more? Get automatic updates by subscribing to our RSS Feed or Email List (top right hand side of this page). Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Originally published Nov 5, 2007 3:58:00 PM, updated October 01 2019last_img read more