Bob Weir Covers Lady Gaga And More During Intimate Solo Acoustic Show [Full Video]

first_imgLast night, Bob Weir played an intimate solo acoustic set at Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, California. During the performance, Weir ran through a number of covers, including Robert Johnson’s “Walkin’ Blues” toward the start of the set, later performing Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” and Daniel Lanois’ “The Maker” to close it out. In between, he played the Grateful Dead classics, “Loose Lucy” and “Peggy-O”, as well as two songs off his recently released solo album, Blue Mountain, the title track and “Only A River.”Bob Weir Surprise Guests With Jim James Two Nights In A Row For Dead Tunes & More [Videos]His performance was an intimate affair, and Weir laid out heartfelt renditions of the songs across the evening, taking moments to chat with the crowd. Notably, following “Only A River,” as he was tuning, Weir dived into an anecdote about how he secured the guitar he was playing—a Martin 0017 from 1936. “So, maybe 10 years ago I was looking at the want ads in the clinical and I saw a Martin 0017. I always wanted one of those—they’re great little blues guitars. So I went over to somewhere in Oakland, I think, and I picked it up for $1,100 bucks. The neck was pulled off the body, so you couldn’t really play the guitar, so it could have been less. [laughs] It was a Martin, so I sent it back to the Martin factory. They happily reset the neck and sent it back to me in the proper plastic, but really protective case, and you really need a good case for this one. Did you know this was made in 1936?” After pausing for a moment to focus on tuning, Weir continued, “But, out of tune is out of tune,” eliciting laughter from the audience.Trey Anastasio Joins Bob Weir At Wanee For Acoustic Dead, Phish, And Lady Gaga Covers [Full HD Video]After the fan-favorite “Peggy-O,” Weir warned that “This next one I’ve never even attempted to sing all the way through.” The song was Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons,” a number that got much press after Bob Weir debuted the cover with Trey Anastasio at Wanee Festival back in April. At Wanee, during Anastasio’s surprise five-song acoustic sit-in, the two iconic jam figures alternated between lead and harmony vocals. Given that this was his first run through of the song solo, Weir performance went well, and the cover fit seamlessly into his acoustic set.Lady Gaga Expresses Her Excitement About Bob Weir And Trey Anastasio’s “Million Reasons” CoverYou can check out an extended live video from Bob Weir’s solo acoustic show in Mill Valley last night, courtesy of Paul Winston. Enjoy!Setlist: Bob Weir | Sweetwater Music Hall | Mill Valley, CA | 9/13/2017 Set: Walkin’ Blues (Robert Johnson cover), Loose Lucy, Blue Mountain, Only A River, Peggy-O, Million Reasons (Lady Gaga cover), The Maker (Daniel Lanois cover) [Photo: Steve Rose]last_img read more

Captains offer different styles

first_imgGREGORY DIXON/Herald photoCaptains of the UW women’s soccer team, seniors Ann Eshun and Katy Meuer, have contrasting styles. However, they each use their own personal strengths and leadership styles to work together in keeping the Badgers focused and competitive.”They are different kinds of leaders, and I think that is why they are successful as our captains,” junior forward Taylor Walsh said. “Ann is very levelheaded and thinks very objectively, so she voices her opinion in that way. Katy is the kind of leader that leads by example and works very hard day in and day out.”One thing the two do have in common is that they are both Madison natives. As a result, they often use their knowledge of Madison and UW history to help motivate their teammates.”They grew up here, and they know everything about the town,” junior forward Tricia Krombach said. “[Their knowledge] gives us a lot of tradition and pride within our team that we want to keep alive.”Although the team has struggled at times with its consistency, Eshun and Meuer have kept the Badgers moving in the right direction and have impressed head coach Paula Wilkins.”Ann and Katy have been great leaders,” Wilkins said. “Ann is very thoughtful with her leadership and obviously cares a lot. Katy is a little more fiery, and her passion comes out in her play. They have a great balance between the two of them because they are completely different in their styles.”Contributing to Meuer’s strength as a team leader has been her dedication to offseason conditioning. Meuer has the ability to motivate her teammates to keep up with what they need to do even when the team isn’t in season.”Katy, in the summers, has always pushed us to keep working out all summer and keep running,” Walsh said. “It is really important to her, and she is really good at making us all do it.”One of Eshun’s strengths has been her on-field communication with her teammates — especially as a defender. She does an excellent job of positioning the offensive players and making sure they are where they need to be.”Ann has really helped me with everything on the field,” Walsh said. “She has been my defender — when I have been playing up top — since we were 15 or 16 years old. She has always been the one telling me where to go and what to do, and she has helped me in that way.”Off the field, Eshun and Meuer are very close. They have known each other through soccer since they were young and have developed a strong, close relationship over the last four years.”We are roommates, so we are very close,” Eshun said. “We knew each other before college, but we have grown so much closer here. We spend almost every day together. Katy’s friendship is very special to me.”Meuer also notes that Eshun has helped her throughout their four years at Wisconsin, as they have grown closer.”Ann is a great friend and teammate,” Meuer said. “She has been there for me through everything on and off the field. I have a lot of respect for her.”In addition to growing close to each other, Eshun and Meuer have developed strong relationships with the other players on the team and the coaches throughout their time at Wisconsin.”The best part [of being a Badger] is the whole experience and the community,” Meuer said. “I love the players, the coaches, the team and the road trips — everything about it.””[I’m going to miss] the team and the relationships,” Eshun added. “These girls are probably the best friends that I have made.”The duo shared another special moment Sunday afternoon at the McClimon Soccer Complex. It was senior day for Wisconsin and marked the last time the two would play together for the cardinal and white.For Meuer, the loss was disappointing, as the moment made it all too clear that her time as a Badger was drawing to a close.”It is tough to lose the last game at home. I hope the others will learn from it and not have to go through this,” Meuer said. “I am definitely going to miss getting out on the field everyday and playing soccer with these girls.”While the reality of the situation set in for Meuer as the game ended, it was still a hard thing for Eshun to believe and accept.”It is kind of surreal,” Eshun said. “It is hard to believe that this is going to be my last time [playing] here. It doesn’t really feel like it yet. It’s sad, but it has been a great ride.”last_img read more

The scenarios that Espanyol handles if LaLiga does not return

first_imgAnother framework for action being studied at Espanyol to reduce costs in the absence of income is the provisional cancellation of some providers of the entity, or the postponement of certain payments, provided that it is totally justified by the current exceptional situation.At Espanyol they hope to adopt a firm decision next week, not without first having somehow with LaLiga general recommendations, which could arrive in the next few hours, although they understand at the RCDE Stadium that there are as many economic situations right now as there are professional clubs in trouble.All these hypothetical measures are aimed at a situation in which LaLiga did not resume, which would be the most catastrophic economically. It is because of that It is also studying how to make decisions that, in the event that the 11 days are finally disputed that have been left in the air, they can be reversible. In phase of a deep economic study is Espanyol, who is dedicating this week to consider what decisions to take preventively in case, finally, LaLiga does not resume and a high percentage (between 25 and 30 percent) of expected income in games as important as television rights, sponsors or ‘ticketing’.So that such a brutal impact does not catch them off guard, the club shuffles various scenarios. A priori, in none of them will the workforce be affected by the measures. Nevertheless, Yes, the first team can be damaged. The PericosOnline portal published this Wednesday that Espanyol would have already communicated to the players their intention to compete an ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File). According to sources from the entity to AS, this decision is contemplated but not taken, and for that reason the captains could have been tested in that sense.Not surprisingly, the salary of footballers as such is a tiny part of what they receive, hence Another scenario that is more likely to be considered is that of a reduction in chips that would naturally be agreed between the sports staff and the company, outside the channels of what is properly an ERTE.last_img read more

Registered Hereford found butchered in local field

first_imgPugh is urging neighbours to be steadfast and keep an eye out for vehicles in rural areas that are not familiar. Pay attention, and if something does not feel right, don’t be quick to pass it off. Pugh says, “ask questions and take pictures of licence plates if you need to.” Pugh shares being raised as a farmer you don’t turn people away, it is something that is taught to you, sharing if someone showed up on her property saying they were hungry, she would exchange work for food.“You don’t turn anyone away, you just don’t,” said PughIt’s absolutely heartbreaking something like this would happen, shared Pugh. She goes on to express that these cows are more than just animals and that they encompass all parts of her family and family’s way of life. Pugh’s children have expressed their interest in growing up to continue to raise beef.“Our cows are everything to us,” said PughAdvertisement CECIL LAKE, B.C. – This past weekend a Hereford cow was found butchered in her field with her calf at her side amongst the rest of the herd.Ashley Pugh shares she cannot make sense of why someone would do this to her best cow, she was a big cow who’s family line had been with Pugh’s for 15 – 20 years. She was quiet, gentle, friendly and would produce the best calves for her family.- Advertisement -Saturday, October 5th, 2019, Pugh’s husband and son would stop by the field in which their herd of cows were turned out to graze in. Alerted by a group of coyotes gathered in the area, the two would go closer to discover the remains of their beloved cow.Pugh says her cow was on her back with her hide stretched out, her gut pile at the side of her remains and her back legs opened with her meat cleanly removed with visible knife marks. She was clearly deboned in the middle of the field, shared Pugh.The alarming part for Pugh is that her cow’s ear was removed that had the tag and identification tattoo on it as well as the brand was removed from her hide.“They took the meat, I don’t understand, taking the meat is awful in itself, but why take the ear and the brand, this is a whole new level of sick,” said Pugh.Advertisementlast_img read more