Theo Katzman Puts In The “Hard Work” To Star At The Troubadour

first_imgIf you’ve ever listened to or seen Vulfpeck, you know full well that Theo Katzman was bound to strike out on his own in a big way at some point. His bookish look has long belied his ability to captivate a crowd, be it with his skill on the piano, drums and guitar, his voracious vocal range or his sheer charisma on stage. So when it came time for the Long Island native to headline his own show at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, you knew he’d be well prepared.Katzman laid the foundation in 2011 with his debut album Romance Without Finance, but that was before Vulfpeck became an underground sensation. In 2017, he re-emerged with Heartbreak Hits, an upbeat pop album about the trials and tribulations of relationships gone wrong. It features hints of the funk, soul and jazz that have become Vulfpeck’s signatures, but is carried, at its core, by Katzman’s playful lyrics, ear-searing vocals and absorbing spirit.All of that (and more) was on full display at the Troubadour on a rainy Thursday night in LLLLLAAAAA. Katzman, with Joe Dart joining him on the bass, was as incontrovertible as ever, but now without even what few boundaries Vulfpeck might otherwise erect. With his sleeves torn off and his chest hair peeking through his altered jean jacket, Theo hit every note, as much with his pipes as the variety of vibes upon which he’s built a catalog of infectious tunes.He rocked out, high pitches and all, to “Hard Work”, “Lost and Found”, “My Heart is Dead” and “As the Romans Do”, the last sans jacket. He got soulful for “Break up Together” and country for “Good to Be Alone” and “Plain Jane Heroin”. He channeled Jason Mraz on “Crappy Love Songs” and “Pop Song”, and tapped into his inner John Mayer for “My 1-Bedroom” and “Love is a Beautiful Thing,” the latter with an acapella lead-in from his spectacular backing band.Theo was at once meticulously commanding of the spotlight and gracious in his willingness (if not desire) to share it. He half-jokingly asked that the sold-out crowd of 500 people—as musically attuned as any seen at a Vulfpeck show—join him for the choruses but leave the verses for him to stand out. He shared his story of moving to LA in 2015, his love for friend, fellow Michigan grad and occasional bandmate Joey Dosik; and how thrilled he was to draw his own audience, let alone one so large and shot through with such enthusiasm for his music.And, of course, he collaborated…while stealing the show. That was certainly true when he came on stage to accompany Bridget Kearney, his able opener and member of Lake Street Dive, for her song “Love Doctor” and when she later came out to join him on a stirring rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Say That You Love Me.” Katzman didn’t need any help putting his own intensely falsetto spin on The Eagles’ “One of These Nights,” but did get a spectacular bass solo from Dart as the lead-in.No matter who stood on stage with Theo, nobody could quite contend with the shine of the night’s leading man. In Vulfpeck, he has some competition in that regard—from jumping Jack Stratton to the features from Dosik and soulful vocalist Antwaun Stanley.But ostensibly on his own, Katzman’s star power is all the more evident. With this fresh context in his back pocket, he should continue to sparkle and shimmer wherever he turns up, whether dropping in on Lawrence, pinning together Vulfpeck or striking out on his own, bigger and better than ever.Check out this fan-shot video of “One Of These Nights” below: [Video: Theo Katzman Appreciation Team TKAT]Theo Katzman continues on tour throughout the country and across seas until mid-April. Head to his website for more details.last_img read more

Director David Lynch Announces Lineup For 1st Brooklyn Edition Of His Festival Of Disruption

first_imgUniversally acclaimed surrealist filmmaker David Lynch (of Twin Peaks fame) will bring his Festival of Disruption to Brooklyn in May, marking the third edition of the event and the first on the east coast. Lynch will continue to host the event concurrently in Lost Angeles, where the first two years took place. The event is set to take place at Brooklyn Steel on May 19th and 20th.The music lineup for the event will include Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Animal Collective, Angel Olsen, Flying Lotus, Au Revoir Simone, John Hopkins, and Rebekah Del Rio. In addition to curating the talented roster of musicians for the Brooklyn edition of Festival of Disruption, David Lynch will also present a series of talks and film screenings at the event. Lynch himself conduct a talk on “Rare Short Films”, actress Isabella Rossellini will present a screening of Blue Velvet (1986), and renowned photographer Gregory Crewdson will present There But Not There, a 2017 Juliane Hiam-directed documentary short about the making of his 2008 opus, Beneath The Roses.An art exhibition has also been planned for the event and will showcase works by Lynch, William Eggleston, and David OReilly, in addition to Sandro Miller’s Psychogenic Fugue featuring John Malkovich photographed as iconic David Lynch characters. In addition, the Brooklyn edition of Festival of Disruption will feature a meditation session hosted by Bob Roth and featuring Brian Eno‘s his recent ambient LP, Reflection.The event will benefit the David Lynch Foundation, which aims to reduce “toxic stress and trauma among at-risk populations, including victims of domestic violence, veterans suffering from PTSD, and underserved urban youth, through the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation technique.”Tickets for the third annual Festival of Disruption go on sale Thursday, March 8th, with a limited number of tickets including an intimate cocktail party hosted by Lynch.For more information, head to the Festival of Disruption website.last_img read more

Widespread Panic Debut Robert Johnson Cover, Welcome Steve Lopez On Night 2 In D.C.

first_imgWidespread Panic returned to the stage to continue the cataclysmic second night at the MGM National Harbor Hotel and Casino in Oxon Hill, Maryland (just outside Washington, D.C.) on Friday night. After an incredible first night, the crowd waited in anticipation for another round of music hosted by the prestigious rock and roll gods.A cover of Jerry Joseph’s “Chainsaw City” kicked off the night with dirty, funk-filled swagger. The jaunty bass lines of Dave Schools built a solid foundation for Jimmy Herring to encompass the rhythms with a smooth solo, while allowing Schools to also provide backup vocals. The badass bassist continued his acoustic domination with a heavy rendition of J.J. Cale’s “Travelin’ Light” while John Bell reminded us that “Travelin’ light is the only way to fly”.An inspirational “Good People” followed. From the album Earth to America, the song rallied the community to gather under the collective term and served as a reminder to help one another out. A heavy jam emerged midway and John Bell replenished the wounded souls when he sang “Here are your waters, so drink, and be whole again.” The mellow and sentimental notes of “Gradle” from Bombs & Butterflies gave John Bell a chance to display his vocal prowess and incredible range. The song hadn’t been played since the New Year’s run of 2016, and the audience responded warmly.The band then delved into the classic “Big Wooly Mammoth” from Don’t Tell the Band with JoJo Hermann stirring up a cauldron of goodness with his voice and keyboard mastery. Such lyrics as “You ain’t got time to worry ’bout mass extinction, just try and get along with the human beings” continued similar themes of brotherhood as the previous night. The air began to sizzle when the musicians segued into “Greta” and the audience transformed into a wild pack of dogs and howled to the ceiling.To continue the onslaught, the jam transitioned smoothly into the opening riffs of “Sleepy Monkey”. Jimmy Herring, the White Wizard, scientifically dissected the jams with his casually precise guitar shredding, while John Bell sang a sweet tune like a nurturing mother singing a lullaby to her newborn audience.The band took a moment’s rest before diving headfirst into the instrumental jam, “St. Louis” from their album Dirty Side Down. The song was played with deliberation and the musicians danced around each other’s rhythms in a thoughtful sentimentality. To top off a phenomenal first set, the boys then executed a delicious “Driving Song” sandwich with an explosive “Disco” as the meat. The sandwich juxtaposed the slow building tempo of “Driving Song” with a party favorite, and it was like they were cooking with dynamite. The crowd was still dancing to the echoes of the music when the band took their set break.Upon returning, the lights went out, and Widespread Panic captivated with an esoteric rendition of War’s “Slippin’ Into Darkness” which featured Steve Lopez as a guest percussionist. This set the tone for the rest of the evening, and the band continued to recklessly add catalytic combustibles to the irrepressible fire with a filthy “Machine > Barstools & Dreamers” combination.Slowing it down, JoJo conducted the keyboard introduction for an emotionally charged performance of “This Part of Town” from the album Don’t Tell the Band. John Bell sang in his poignant, soulful style, imploring people to not give up because “where there is love, there is hope.” This song supplements the motifs of brotherhood and companionship in what sometimes seems like overwhelmingly dark times. Jimmy Herring’s guitar complemented JoJo’s ivory deliverance perfectly, and the entire performance hit all the sweet spots.The boys then brought it back home for an inspirational “Heroes” from Ain’t Life Grand. The mellow tempo allowed John Bell to weld his words and pound the message that “These are the days of heroes, tonight!” When the song developed, Herring sawed off notes like a lumberjack cutting through a sequoia and his magnificent wizardry electrified the atmosphere and the crowd.Robert Johnson’s “Love in Vain” followed, performed for the first time in the band’s history. This artful display of musicianship was a prime example of the deep well of songs that this band draws from, and also highlights their complete unpredictability that after thirty-two years, the boys can still keep even the most knowledgeable audience member guessing.A scorching version of Tom Wait’s “Goin’ Out West” replaced the sentimental tone with whiskey rock and roll grit. The boys threw a badass rendition of this in Mexico, and they tried their damn hardest to outdo themselves. Duane Trucks and Sunny Ortiz remained on stage while the rest of the band took a breather, which allowed the drummers to go back and forth exchanging rhythms for an impressive exhibition of endurance, precision, and coordination.When the rest of the band rejoined the drummers, the band delved into a sizzling “Cease Fire” from their most recent album Street Dogs. John Bell crooned and captivated while Jimmy Herring swooned and levitated sending guitar notes flying with cool and calculated exactness. The song itself epitomized the state of current political affairs, and once again desperately begged listeners to rise above and overcome, “Brothers and sisters inspire… Cease Fire.”Another Robert Johnson cover followed as the band played a supernatural version of “Me and the Devil Blues” with John Bell in peak form. The boys transported the audience for a guided tour of the haunted crossroads of Mississippi where Robert Johnson allegedly sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his guitar playing abilities. JoJo Hermann tickled the ivory in an ethereal style while John Bell mystified by singing like a man possessed. All the while, Jimmy Herring delivered an unreal solo and Schools hammered his bass unmercifully.To close the second set, Widespread Panic executed a thriving performance of their psychedelic staple, “Pigeons”. This song contained all the best facets of a Panic jam with several tempo changes, jamtastic breakdowns, and a blood-curdling John Bell shriek. The audience went nuts, and the energy level was ecstatic both on and off the stage.As the first encore, the band brandished a cover of Bloodkin’s “Henry Parsons Died” to pay homage to their Georgian roots and to maintain that aggressive level of energy. With a steady bass line and funereal lyrics, this tune continued to demonstrate the band’s excellence as they wield impressive musical accomplishments in a casual and natural elegance. To end the second night of music, Widespread Panic executed a badass performance of their much sought after original tune “Postcard” from their Everyday album. The lyrics captured what many people were feeling when John Bell sang, “This town is nuts, my kind of place; I don’t want to leave… I don’t never, never, never, never want to leave.” Jimmy Herring iced the cake with his swift manipulation of music and time.With night three ahead, the band has begun to resemble less of a six-piece band of world-class musicians and more like a runaway train full of passengers who hardly care if it derails. The energy brought by the band was reciprocated exponentially by the passionate community in the audience. With one night of music left, the only certainty is that this band cannot be stopped.Chainsaw City > Travelin’ Light – Widespread Panic – 3/16/18[Video: Tom Libera]Setlist: Widespread Panic | The Theater At MGM National Harbor | Washington, D.C. | 3/16/18Set 1: Chainsaw City, Travelin’ Light, Good People, Gradle, Big Wooly Mammoth > Greta > Sleepy Monkey, St Louis^, Driving Song > Disco > Driving Song (80 mins)Set 2: Slippin’ Into Darkness*, Machine > Barstools & Dreamers, This Part of Town, Heroes, Love In Vain^^, Goin’ Out West > Drums > Cease Fire, Me and the Devil Blues, Pigeons (100 mins)Encore: Henry Parsons Died, Postcard (11 mins)Notes ^ LTP 10/21/16 Milwaukee (48 shows)^^ FTP (Robert Johnson)* w/ Steve Lopez on percussionlast_img read more

Jamiroquai Passport Expired, U.S. Dates Rescheduled For 2020

first_imgThe British funk and jazz heroes, famous for hits like “Virtual Insanity” and “Cosmic Girl” and widely respected for their deeper cuts, recently announced a show at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, CA on April 17th to follow up their headlining performances at Coachella (April 13 & April 20). Additionally, the band recently announced a show in Queens, New York at the original home of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, Forest Hills Stadium, on Saturday, September 8. Live Oak, Florida’s Suwannee Hulaween also hinted that Jamiroquai would headline their October 26-28 event, rounding out what sources have expressed would be the band’s only U.S. appearances.While the tweet doesn’t specify which shows the band will miss, the language certainly suggests that the entire North American schedule is at least postponed until 2020. While it would be seemingly possible for the band to hit the U.S. market for the post-Coachella shows–as long as Jay Kay got his passport figured out–it just doesn’t seem like they’re into it. By apologizing to “America,” it’s safe to assume that Jamiroquai won’t be coming here at all this year– at least not until 2020. Sad.It was only a year ago that Jamiroquai announced their return after years outside of the spotlight. In March of last year, the group released their eighth studio album, Automaton, a follow-up to 2010’s Rock Dust Light Star. To complement their new album, Jamiroquai embarked on a global tour in 2017, hitting Tokyo and Seoul in addition to major cities across Europe. However, North American cities were conspicuously left off of Jamiroquai’s 2017 comeback tour, leading many to hope that 2018 would see the group hit the U.S.. Welp, guess we’ll have to keep those dreams to ourselves for just a couple more years.April Fools! This month has been a wild ride for fans of Jamiroquai! After confirming four North American dates for 2018–which would have marked the band’s triumphant return to the United States since November of 2005–Jamiroquai announced today that they are no longer able to travel to the U.S. because of frontman Jay Kay‘s expired passport.In a tweet this morning, the band wrote: “Sorry America, passport expired. See you in 2020.” With their first shows in the U.S. scheduled in less than two weeks, and without the required documentation to travel, there’s just nothing Jamiroquai can do to make their Coachella performances. No word from Coachella about who will replace Jamiroquai yet, but we’re hoping we don’t get Beyoncé‘d again this year and end up with a mediocre Lady Gaga performance (kidding, not kidding).last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE: Kitchen Dwellers’ Max Davies Talks Colorado & East Coast Runs, Big Summer Festival Plays

first_imgBozeman, Montana-based bluegrass outfit, Kitchen Dwellers, are seeing their hard work and time on the road pay off in 2018. The band just recently finished a co-headlining tour with fellow grassers Rumpke Mountain Boys, which saw both acts trade closing sets each night across the country. Now, the Dwellers are currently getting ready for a multi-night Colorado run before they head to the East Coast for a nine-date run. That run will be followed by their biggest summer festival season yet with performances scheduled at some of the most high-profile festivals in the nation.Beginning Wednesday, April 18th, the “galaxygrass” quartet will begin a marathon of five shows in four nights in Colorado that will see the group play Boulder’s The Fox Theatre, the Belly Up Aspen, Fort Collins’ Hodi’s Half Note on 4/20, and a festival set at Denver’s 420 On The Block on Saturday, April 21st, followed by an official festival afterparty at Globe Hall. Kitchen Dwellers will then head East for a smattering of dates at venues such as Old Rock House (St. Louis, MO), Big Room Bar (Columbus, OH), Funk n’ Waffles (in both Syracuse and Rochester, NY), Wonder Bar (Asbury Park, NJ), Neighborhood Theatre (Charlotte, NC), and several others. See Kitchen Dwellers’ full tour schedule here.“Ebenezer’s Winter”[via Kitchen Dwellers]On tap for the Kitchen Dwellers this summer are sets at Summer Camp Music Festival, Dark Star Jubilee, The RIDE Festival, Peach, Arise Music Festival, Palisades Bluegrass and Roots Music Festival, Beaver Mountain Music Festival, and more. This is a set of grass music that you will not want to miss, as these guys not only write well-crafted songs but can also take the jams to uncharted territories through improvisational exploration.Their 2017 album, Ghost In The Bottle, demonstrates vivid storytelling and a strong group dynamic with Torrin Daniels (banjo), Max Davies (guitar), Shawn Swain (mandolin), and Joe Funk (bass) playing off one another and trading leads back and forth seamlessly, as well as a guest appearance from “Frend” Mihali Savoulidis of Twiddle on “Visions of More” (listen here!). We had the opportunity to catch up with guitarist Max Davies before the band’s Colorado run to chat about the big year the band is currently experiencing. Check out what he had to say below:Live For Live Music: How was the recent tour with Rumpke Mountain Boys?​Max Davies: Holy smokes, those guys can play! And fast. We came upon the realization by the final night that we are cut from the same cloth but grew our sound in different parts of the country, which made for a fantastic tour. We started the journey somewhat as strangers and came out as great friends and now fans of each others’ music. Next time we’re on the road with those guys, we need to keep an eye out on our trailer. Let’s just say they have some Merry Prankster in their blood.L4LM: Did any performances/venues, in particular, stand out to you?MD: Bend, OR and Chicago stand out as two of my favorite shows with great turnouts. We are [now also] just coming off of playing all weekend at Tahoe Winter Wondergrass, and the band was in unison in feeling that the weekend went very well. The energy in the Jamboree tent stage on Sunday was through the roof.“Mountain” [Official Video]:[via Kitchen Dwellers]L4LM: The Dwellers just played Terrapin Crossroads for the second time. That must be a pretty surreal experience, playing the home venue of a legend like Phil Lesh. Does being at a venue like that get you more amped to play?MD: Without a doubt. It’s fun to play a spot where something epic can happen at the drop of a hat. Things felt a little more relaxed the second time around. We weren’t so nervous. We had the pleasure of jamming with David Gans and the Rumpke boys to put an exclamation mark on the night which was also really fun.L4LM: You have a 5-show Colorado run beginning Wednesday, April 18th at The Fox Theatre in Boulder. It seems the like this area has become a second home for you guys…​MD: Colorado is definitely a second home. This weekend is going to be one for the books. We’re hitting some of our favorite venues with some of our favorite musicians. I think this is also the longest run we’ll have done in Colorado in a while.L4LM: And then you make your way out through the Midwest to the East Coast for a solid run of dates to end Spring Tour. How have the crowds been treating you out there? MD: I don’t know what’s in the water East of the Mississippi, but people are coming to shows! We’re super excited to get back to St. Louis, Columbus, D.C., some favorite stops in New York and Jersey.“Take It Easy” [Eagles cover][via Kitchen Dwellers]L4LM: It’s looking to be a big festival season for the Dwellers with sets at Summer Camp, Dark Star Jubilee, The RIDE Festival, Peach, Arise, and more. How are you feeling about things so far in 2018?MD: The band is feeling stronger than ever and we’re hoping to show everyone a great time this summer. We are very fortunate to be on festivals like the ones you mentioned. It’s kind of surreal.L4LM: Any new material that you’re working on?MD: We were just recording north of San Francisco in one of the most beautiful studios I think I’ve ever been in. And the band has been playing a handful of new tunes live. People can expect a new album in the not too distant future.L4LM: Thanks so much, Max. Best of luck to you and the guys this summer!For more information on the Kitchen Dwellers, check out the following pages:Website – https://www.kitchendwellers.comFacebook – – – read more

Dickey Betts Adds Three New 2018 Fall Tour Dates

first_imgAcross 2018, Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts has been sporadically touring. Marking Betts’ “comeback tour” following his retirement announcement three years ago, Betts and his band, which frequently includes his son Duane Betts, have been playing select dates across the United States since the spring. Today, Dickey Betts has added three new dates to his touring calendar, with new performances scheduled in Augusta, Georgia, and Clearwater and Pompano Beach, Florida.After previously announced shows in the Northeast over Labor Day Weekend, Betts and company will take a month off from touring. The ABB guitarist will return to the road on November 1st, with a show at Augusta, Georgia’s Bell Auditorium, marking the first newly announced show. From there, on November 3rd, he will hit Pompano Beach, Florida, with a show at Pompano Beach Amphitheater, followed up by another Florida show on November 5th at Clearwater’s Ruth Eckerd Hall.For more information on these new dates, head to Dickey Betts’ website here. Dickey Betts Upcoming Tour DatesAug. 28 – Great New York State Fair – Syracuse, NYAug. 30 – Oakdale Theatre – Wallingford, CTAug. 31 – Casino Ballroom – Hampton Beach, NHNov. 1 – Bell Auditorium – Augusta, GANov. 3 – Pompano Beach Amphitheater – Pompano Beach, FLNov. 5 – Ruth Eckerd Hall – Clearwater, FLJan. 6 – Southern Rock Cruise – Tampa Bay, FLView All Tour Dateslast_img read more

Members Of The Motet, Thievery Corporation And More To Play Dave Watts’ 2019 Birthday Bash Shows

first_imgThe Motet‘s Dave Watts will be celebrating another trip around the sun with a two-night birthday celebration involving many of his musically gifted friends. The 2019 installment of Dave Watts’ Birthday Bash will take place at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom on January 25th and 26th, 2019.Similar to his last star-studded birthday bash earlier this year, the two nights of music in celebration of the drummer will feature performances by a range of special guests including his Motet bandmates, Dumpstaphunk’s Ian Neville, Thievery Corporation’s Jeff Franca, and many more.The two upcoming birthday shows were announced on Monday, with tickets to both concerts on sale now on the venue’s website. The lineup for night one (Jan. 25th) includes The Motet’s Garrett Sayers and Lyle Divinsky, TAUK guitarist Matt Jalbert, Matador! Soul Sounds vocalist Kim Dawson, Pretty Fantastics saxophonist Nick Gerlach, former Motet trumpet player Gabe Mervine and True Blue Band singer Tanya Shylock, in addition to Neville and Franca as mentioned above.The second night of music on January 26th will also feature Watts again sharing the stage with the same lineup as the night prior, with the notable additions of John Brown’s Body bassist Dan Africano and New Orleans’ horn outfit New Breed Brass Band. Additional unannounced special guests will also join in on both nights.Speaking of birthdays, The Motet celebrated its 20th year in 2018. The band celebrated its two-decade mark in part by launching their inaugural Motet On The Mesa Festival, which took place over the summer in Taos, New Mexico and featured performances by Break Science, SunSquabi, The Suffers, TAUK, Organ Freeman, and Mama Magnolia.INTERVIEW: The Motet’s Dave Watts & Lyle Divinsky Talk Motet On The Mesa, Red Rocks, Bananas Smoking WeedThis past weekend, the band completed a two-night run of shows in their hometown at Denver’s Ogden Theatre, with their next shows scheduled for later this month in the northern midwest. Their next studio album, Death or Devotion, is set to arrive just in time for Watts’ birthday with a scheduled January 25th release date.last_img read more

Watch Beck, Father John Misty, & Este Haim Play “Where It’s At” At California Wildfires Benefit [Video]

first_img[H/T Pitchfork] On Tuesday night, Father John Misty hosted a concert to benefit those affected by the recent California wildfires at Los Angeles, CA’s  The Theatre At The Ace Hotel. The concert was in support of Southern California Disaster Relief Fund which is working on recovery efforts following the catastrophic damage California wildfires have caused.Midway through the performance Beck emerged, to lead an all-star cast through a take on his 1996 single “Where It’s At”, including Joshua Tillman (Father John Misty) on drums, HAIM’s Este Haim, Jonathan Wilson on guitar, and others. Jenny Lewis, Lucius, Mac DeMarco, Nate Ruess, Rostam, Weyes Blood, Rivers Cuomo, Jeff Bhasker, and Tim Heidecker also made appearances throughout the night.Watch fan-shot videos from Tuesday night’s benefit concert below:last_img read more

Adam Sandler Shreds In Emotional Chris Farley Tribute Performance From Netflix Special [Watch]

first_imgChris Farley left this incarnation 21-years ago yesterday, December 18th. The comedian and actor is still remembered by fans today thanks to his infamous skits on Saturday Night Live, and his roles in films like Tommy Boy and Beverley Hills Ninja. Adam Sandler shared a musical clip from his recent Netflix special to his Facebook in remembrance of his old friend on Tuesday, which features the comedian playing his guitar and singing quite the lyrical tribute to Farley.The performance is included on ADAM SANDLER: 100% FRESH, which arrived onto Netflix back on October 23rd. Sandler has always been known for incorporating his musical abilities and love for silly rock songs into his comedy bits, but his tribute to Farley is one of the more memorable performances shared so far. Sandler starts the song by informing the audience that it’s a very special one and means a lot to him and the comedy community.Sandler and an accompanying pianist begin the rock ballad following some lovely opening licks from his Fender Stratocaster and establishes Farley as the lyrical subject almost immediately. He spends the next six minutes sharing stories of his late friend and describing him as a “One Man Party”, while a video tribute containing highlights from Farley’s career begins to play on the screens behind the stage.Some of the memories of Farley revisited in his lyrics range from his friend’s worries over his substance abuse, to how he used to play pranks on SNL castmate David Spade. Sandler also references the last time he and his friends all hung out with Chris was during Tim Meadows‘ wedding party, and emotionally admits in the lyrics that “Nothing was harder than saying goodbye, Except watching Chris’ father turn to cry.” The musical highlight of the performance is when Sandler steps on his overdrive pedal for a 60-second guitar solo beginning at the video’s 2:00-minute mark.Adam Sandler – Chris Farley Tribute – Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh[Video: Netflix]Fans can also click here to revisit another one of Sandler’s more uplifting musical tributes, which took place back in 2015 in celebration of David Letterman’s then-impending retirement from late night television.last_img read more

Derek Trucks And Susan Tedeschi Talk Kofi Burbridge In New SiriusXM Interview [Watch]

first_imgDerek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi stopped by SiriusXM in New York City last month, while in town for a show at Brooklyn Academy of Music. Tedeschi Trucks Band is currently promoting their latest studio album, which has experienced a dramatic change in meaning since its release in February. The band lost their forever keyboardist/flutist Kofi Burbridge on February 15th, the day that the album–which was dedicated to several of their mentors that have recently passed: Leon Russell, Col. Bruce Hampton, Butch Trucks, and Gregg Allman–officially released, and the day they started a three-week tour. So of course, their interview with SiriusXM begged the questions of how they endured it all.On Wednesday, SiriusXM shared a portion of their interview with Tedeschi and Trucks which was recorded for their Volume channel during the two’s visit. The brief clip features mostly Trucks discussing the emotional state of the band after losing a few friends while in the early stages of the recording process on their latest album, the personal history they have with their longtime tour bus, and of course Kofi.Related: All Brothers Band Releases New Track, “In The Beginning”, In Honor Of Kofi Burbridge“This time when we went into the studio everyone was, you know everyone was wrecked and trying to unpack a lot of things that happen in a short amount of time. I don’t think the band or any of us individually had ever fully felt that way,” Trucks admitted at the beginning of the video before stating that the process of playing and writing with his bandmates, in addition to playing every night while on tour, certainly made for a therapeutic and cathartic experience.“Our tour bus, ‘Old Red,’ has 1.3 million miles on it, we’ve had it a long time,” Trucks continued before Tedeschi chimes in to point out that the bus is on its second engine. “Kofi was in that bus with us for a million miles so there’s something nice about being there … With Kofi passing, everything feels more in-your-face, and all the lyrics take on a different meaning.”Fans can watch the portion of the radio interview in the video below.Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi – SiriusXM Interview[Video: SiriusXM]Tedeschi Trucks Band will take the new few weeks off to rest before returning to the road for a run of European tour dates beginning on April 2nd in Paris. Fans can check out Tedeschi Trucks Band’s website for a full list of 2019 tour dates and more information.last_img read more