Members Of Umphrey’s McGee, Zappa Band Join Forces For Frank Zappa Tribute [Gallery]

first_imgA full gallery of images can be seen below: The show opened with a set from Shaky Feelin’, before the Playground crew came in and got things done. Be sure to check out Cosmik Playground at the Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs, NY on July 3rd, as the band will be performing post-Phish at SPAC. While the July 3rd lineup will feature different players, it’s looking like a great time playing some of the best music. For tickets and more details, you can head here.Photographer Steve Rose was at the show last time; check out some images from the Zappa affair: A Frank Zappa-themed super group called Cosmik Playground got together for a Frank Zappa tribute show at St. Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA, last night! With Joel Cummins (Umphrey’s McGee), Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee), Arthur Barrow (Frank Zappa) and Marcus Rezak (Digital Tape Machine) holding it down, this show was a tight-knit tribute to one of the best musicians around.center_img Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Bob Weir Covers Lady Gaga And More During Intimate Solo Acoustic Show [Full Video]

first_imgLast night, Bob Weir played an intimate solo acoustic set at Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, California. During the performance, Weir ran through a number of covers, including Robert Johnson’s “Walkin’ Blues” toward the start of the set, later performing Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” and Daniel Lanois’ “The Maker” to close it out. In between, he played the Grateful Dead classics, “Loose Lucy” and “Peggy-O”, as well as two songs off his recently released solo album, Blue Mountain, the title track and “Only A River.”Bob Weir Surprise Guests With Jim James Two Nights In A Row For Dead Tunes & More [Videos]His performance was an intimate affair, and Weir laid out heartfelt renditions of the songs across the evening, taking moments to chat with the crowd. Notably, following “Only A River,” as he was tuning, Weir dived into an anecdote about how he secured the guitar he was playing—a Martin 0017 from 1936. “So, maybe 10 years ago I was looking at the want ads in the clinical and I saw a Martin 0017. I always wanted one of those—they’re great little blues guitars. So I went over to somewhere in Oakland, I think, and I picked it up for $1,100 bucks. The neck was pulled off the body, so you couldn’t really play the guitar, so it could have been less. [laughs] It was a Martin, so I sent it back to the Martin factory. They happily reset the neck and sent it back to me in the proper plastic, but really protective case, and you really need a good case for this one. Did you know this was made in 1936?” After pausing for a moment to focus on tuning, Weir continued, “But, out of tune is out of tune,” eliciting laughter from the audience.Trey Anastasio Joins Bob Weir At Wanee For Acoustic Dead, Phish, And Lady Gaga Covers [Full HD Video]After the fan-favorite “Peggy-O,” Weir warned that “This next one I’ve never even attempted to sing all the way through.” The song was Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons,” a number that got much press after Bob Weir debuted the cover with Trey Anastasio at Wanee Festival back in April. At Wanee, during Anastasio’s surprise five-song acoustic sit-in, the two iconic jam figures alternated between lead and harmony vocals. Given that this was his first run through of the song solo, Weir performance went well, and the cover fit seamlessly into his acoustic set.Lady Gaga Expresses Her Excitement About Bob Weir And Trey Anastasio’s “Million Reasons” CoverYou can check out an extended live video from Bob Weir’s solo acoustic show in Mill Valley last night, courtesy of Paul Winston. Enjoy!Setlist: Bob Weir | Sweetwater Music Hall | Mill Valley, CA | 9/13/2017 Set: Walkin’ Blues (Robert Johnson cover), Loose Lucy, Blue Mountain, Only A River, Peggy-O, Million Reasons (Lady Gaga cover), The Maker (Daniel Lanois cover) [Photo: Steve Rose]last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE: Kitchen Dwellers’ Max Davies Talks Colorado & East Coast Runs, Big Summer Festival Plays

first_imgBozeman, Montana-based bluegrass outfit, Kitchen Dwellers, are seeing their hard work and time on the road pay off in 2018. The band just recently finished a co-headlining tour with fellow grassers Rumpke Mountain Boys, which saw both acts trade closing sets each night across the country. Now, the Dwellers are currently getting ready for a multi-night Colorado run before they head to the East Coast for a nine-date run. That run will be followed by their biggest summer festival season yet with performances scheduled at some of the most high-profile festivals in the nation.Beginning Wednesday, April 18th, the “galaxygrass” quartet will begin a marathon of five shows in four nights in Colorado that will see the group play Boulder’s The Fox Theatre, the Belly Up Aspen, Fort Collins’ Hodi’s Half Note on 4/20, and a festival set at Denver’s 420 On The Block on Saturday, April 21st, followed by an official festival afterparty at Globe Hall. Kitchen Dwellers will then head East for a smattering of dates at venues such as Old Rock House (St. Louis, MO), Big Room Bar (Columbus, OH), Funk n’ Waffles (in both Syracuse and Rochester, NY), Wonder Bar (Asbury Park, NJ), Neighborhood Theatre (Charlotte, NC), and several others. See Kitchen Dwellers’ full tour schedule here.“Ebenezer’s Winter”[via Kitchen Dwellers]On tap for the Kitchen Dwellers this summer are sets at Summer Camp Music Festival, Dark Star Jubilee, The RIDE Festival, Peach, Arise Music Festival, Palisades Bluegrass and Roots Music Festival, Beaver Mountain Music Festival, and more. This is a set of grass music that you will not want to miss, as these guys not only write well-crafted songs but can also take the jams to uncharted territories through improvisational exploration.Their 2017 album, Ghost In The Bottle, demonstrates vivid storytelling and a strong group dynamic with Torrin Daniels (banjo), Max Davies (guitar), Shawn Swain (mandolin), and Joe Funk (bass) playing off one another and trading leads back and forth seamlessly, as well as a guest appearance from “Frend” Mihali Savoulidis of Twiddle on “Visions of More” (listen here!). We had the opportunity to catch up with guitarist Max Davies before the band’s Colorado run to chat about the big year the band is currently experiencing. Check out what he had to say below:Live For Live Music: How was the recent tour with Rumpke Mountain Boys?​Max Davies: Holy smokes, those guys can play! And fast. We came upon the realization by the final night that we are cut from the same cloth but grew our sound in different parts of the country, which made for a fantastic tour. We started the journey somewhat as strangers and came out as great friends and now fans of each others’ music. Next time we’re on the road with those guys, we need to keep an eye out on our trailer. Let’s just say they have some Merry Prankster in their blood.L4LM: Did any performances/venues, in particular, stand out to you?MD: Bend, OR and Chicago stand out as two of my favorite shows with great turnouts. We are [now also] just coming off of playing all weekend at Tahoe Winter Wondergrass, and the band was in unison in feeling that the weekend went very well. The energy in the Jamboree tent stage on Sunday was through the roof.“Mountain” [Official Video]:[via Kitchen Dwellers]L4LM: The Dwellers just played Terrapin Crossroads for the second time. That must be a pretty surreal experience, playing the home venue of a legend like Phil Lesh. Does being at a venue like that get you more amped to play?MD: Without a doubt. It’s fun to play a spot where something epic can happen at the drop of a hat. Things felt a little more relaxed the second time around. We weren’t so nervous. We had the pleasure of jamming with David Gans and the Rumpke boys to put an exclamation mark on the night which was also really fun.L4LM: You have a 5-show Colorado run beginning Wednesday, April 18th at The Fox Theatre in Boulder. It seems the like this area has become a second home for you guys…​MD: Colorado is definitely a second home. This weekend is going to be one for the books. We’re hitting some of our favorite venues with some of our favorite musicians. I think this is also the longest run we’ll have done in Colorado in a while.L4LM: And then you make your way out through the Midwest to the East Coast for a solid run of dates to end Spring Tour. How have the crowds been treating you out there? MD: I don’t know what’s in the water East of the Mississippi, but people are coming to shows! We’re super excited to get back to St. Louis, Columbus, D.C., some favorite stops in New York and Jersey.“Take It Easy” [Eagles cover][via Kitchen Dwellers]L4LM: It’s looking to be a big festival season for the Dwellers with sets at Summer Camp, Dark Star Jubilee, The RIDE Festival, Peach, Arise, and more. How are you feeling about things so far in 2018?MD: The band is feeling stronger than ever and we’re hoping to show everyone a great time this summer. We are very fortunate to be on festivals like the ones you mentioned. It’s kind of surreal.L4LM: Any new material that you’re working on?MD: We were just recording north of San Francisco in one of the most beautiful studios I think I’ve ever been in. And the band has been playing a handful of new tunes live. People can expect a new album in the not too distant future.L4LM: Thanks so much, Max. Best of luck to you and the guys this summer!For more information on the Kitchen Dwellers, check out the following pages:Website – https://www.kitchendwellers.comFacebook – – – read more

Emma Stone Has Wanted to Play Sally in Cabaret Since…Age Nine (?!)

first_img View Comments Emma Stone stopped by The Tonight Show on October 14, just after her first official rehearsal for Cabaret. As it turns out, Stone has been longing to be Lady Peaceful/Lady Happy for quite some time; she first saw the show in New York at the age of nine, with her new co-star Alan Cumming as the Emcee. “You know, it’s a strange part for a nine-year-old to want to play,” she says. The screen star also discussed her latest film, Birdman, including the terrifyingly long continuous shots involved. But ultimately, Stone doesn’t forget her stage roots, including the instant elementary school classic, No Turkey for Perky. “There was a part for a first grader, and I think my first grade teacher put me in the play because, well, you know.” While we wait for a No Turkey for Perky revival, you can catch Stone in Cabaret beginning November 11. Show Closed This production ended its run on March 29, 2015 Cabaret Related Showslast_img read more

Tomato Types

first_imgThe desire for fresh, homegrown tomatoes is the main reason many homeowners plant gardens. Most tomato plants are planted in late March and April, and every spring some homeowners run into problems with their tomato plants.Tomatoes are susceptible to a lot of diseases. Once infected, it is too late to stop most diseases from killing or limiting the production of the plant. Using a few cultural practices and planting varieties that are resistant to disease can make for a more productive tomato harvest.Two newer, good-tasting, disease-resistant tomato varieties are ‘Red Bounty’ and ‘Bella Rosa’, both of which are resistant to tomato spotted wilt virus.When selecting plants, look for varieties that have a lot of letters next to the name. This means the plants have a built-in resistance to disease. An example would be a popular variety called referred to as the “‘Celebrity’ VFFNTA hybrid.”The letters by the name tell the gardener the plant pests and diseases to which the variety is resistant. “V” refers to Verticillium wilt; “F” is for Fusarium wilt; “FF” is for Fusarium wilt races 1 and 2; “N” is for nematodes; “T” is for tobacco mosaic virus; “A” is for Alternaria (early blight); and “TSWV” is for tomato spotted wilt virus.Tomatoes are classified as determinate or indeterminate types. Determinate varieties produce fruit that ripens over a short period of time, producing a large volume of tomatoes early in the season. Once the tomatoes have been harvested, the plants can be removed. Indeterminate varieties produce fruit continually throughout the season.Popular determinate hybrid varieties include ‘Bush Celebrity’ VFFNTA, ‘Bush Early Girl’ VFFNT, ‘Celebrity’ VFFNTA and ‘Mountain Spring’ VFF. Popular indeterminate hybrid varieties are ‘Early Girl’ VFF, ‘Better Boy’ VFN, ‘Big Boy’ and ‘Beefmaster’ VFN.Some gardeners prefer tomato plants that produce small fruit. Popular cherry tomato varieties include the ‘Jolly’, ‘Sweet Baby Girl’ and ‘Super Sweet 100’ hybrids.In addition to buying disease-resistant varieties, gardeners should use good cultivation practices to prevent problems.Tomatoes like well-drained, high organic-matter soil with a pH between 6.2 and 6.8. Gardeners should have their soil tested and follow test recommendations to correct any pH problems.Tomatoes frequently experience problems with a condition called “blossom end rot.” This condition turns the bottom of the tomato fruit black. Blossom end rot is caused by a calcium deficiency in the fruit and is made worse when soil conditions fluctuate between wet and dry.Adding dolomitic lime, which raises pH and contains calcium and magnesium, can help prevent the problem. If the garden soil pH is optimal but the calcium is low, apply gypsum at 1 pound per 100 square feet. Foliar applications of calcium can help provide a temporary fix if the problem is not excessive.Placing mulch around tomato plants reduces soil moisture fluctuations and keeps weed pressure down. Layers of newspaper can be placed around plants, and mulch can be added on top to further prevent weeds. Pine straw, bark, leaves or most any type of mulch can be used.Selecting disease-resistant varieties, following soil test results and adding mulch should make this tomato season more productive.For more information on tomato varieties, see University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Bulletin 1271, “Georgia Homegrown Tomatoes,” at read more

North-Link Construction to Begin

first_imgNorthern Enterprises is pleased to announce the commencement of the North-Link network on Friday, May 4th, 1:45 pm at the Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital. Senator Patrick Leahy and other dignitaries will be on hand to formally launch construction of this fiber optic high-speed network. The fiber optic system will serve as a backbone for broadband access throughout the Northeast Kingdom where major areas have been sidelined from high speed internet access. North-Link is a $ 10 million fiber optic network designed by Northern Enterprises, in cooperation with the Economic Development Council of Northern Vermont, that encompasses eight Vermont Counties, three States and two countries. The network is a public-private partnership with financial backing coming from the federal government, local businesses and communities.last_img read more

CO2 allowance auction set for September 25

first_imgGovernor says first RGGI auction date is set for Sept. 25CO2 allowance auctions will help drive innovation, produce cleaner energyMONTPELIER – Governor Jim Douglas has announced that Vermont and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative have released preliminary guidelines for the nation’s first-ever carbon credit auction on Sept. 25.The guidelines outline requirements and preparations bidders must follow to be ready to purchase their share of nearly 12.5 million carbon emission allowances at the first auction.”The stage is set for Vermont and nine other states to take unprecedented action and lead the nation on a path of economic and environmental security through reduced use of fossil fuels like oil,” Douglas said. “This is an important milestone as Vermonters struggle under the burden of the federal government’s failure to lead on fundamental energy and environmental issues.”The Sept. 25 auction is expected to include allowances from Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland and Rhode Island. Other RGGI states will offer allowances for sale in future auctions as they complete their necessary rule-making procedures.RGGI is the first program in the country to cap and then reduce CO2 emissions from power plants. Participating states have agreed to stabilize CO2 emissions from 2009 to 2014, and then gradually reduce emissions beginning in 2015. Emissions from the power sector for RGGI states totals about 7 percent of the U.S. power sector emissions, according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency.The market-based mandatory program will cost-effectively reduce the pollution that is causing global warming while investing in efficient technology, Douglas said. “The result for Vermonters is the potential for new green jobs and cleaner energy.”The materials released today, online at is external), provide a preview of auction applications and procedures for bidders participating in the first of two early auctions to be held this year.###last_img read more

Gen Y financial literacy: Problem or problem solved?

first_img 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Back in April 2012, USA Today ran an article with the title Millennials Struggle With Financial Literacy. How bad was the problem? According to the article:The Treasury Department and Department of Education have teamed the past three years to assess financial literacy in U.S. high schools, and the results haven’t been pretty: the average score of almost 76,900 students in 2010 was 70%. Last year’s testing of about 84,000 students and this year’s of about 80,000 students were both a point lower: 69%. “We have a long way to go as a country,” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said in an interview, in assessing the test results from the past three years. “There has been a devastating cost to a lack of attention, urgency and seriousness of taking this on,” he said, noting that the housing crisis, low savings rate and poor retirement planning all flow out of the financial literacy issue.”[The housing crisis, low savings rates, and poor retirement planning “all flow out of the financial literacy issue“? I thought these crises were the banks’ doing. Oh no, wait, I’m sorry, I forgot–they were George Bush’s fault.]Just a few months ago, CNBC published a piece titled Millennial Money Habits Worth Breaking which attempted to paint a bleak picture of Gen Yers’ money skills:Bad habits are easy to fall into—especially when you’re in your 20s. Some of the worst money habits among millennials, according to recent surveys include overspending, undersaving and racking up credit card debt. One in 5 millennials hasn’t even started saving, according to a recent poll. Three in 10 don’t even have savings accounts! And of those who do, nearly 40 percent have less than $5,000 saved. And when it comes to putting money aside for long-term goals like retirement, the numbers are just as bad. A 2014 Fidelity survey found more than half of millennials had yet to start saving for retirement. continue reading »last_img read more

Dublin’s Adventure Resort adds drive-in movie theater to list of attractions

first_imgCONKLIN (WBNG) — Dublin’s Adventure Resort in Conklin is known for its outdoor, family-fun activities like mini-golf and bocce ball. With many summer activities canceled or postponed, a local drive-in theater is a good option for people to get out of their homes safely. Staff came up with the idea to add the drive-in last summer, but it never took off. Now this year, the timing was right. Movies take place every Friday and Saturday night and hope to run through October. For a look at the full schedule, head to the Dublin’s Adventure Resort Facebook Page. Health and safety precautions are in place. Now, it’s adding another attraction to its list — a drive-in movie theater. “We just started with a 15-foot screen and then realized this year post-COVID that wasn’t going to be enough. So now we have the 40-foot screen. We’re fully licensed, we own all of our own equipment. We’re in it for the long haul, not just a few shows like these other ones are doing,” said co-owner Steve Mower. Vehicles are appropriately distanced from each other, and when you are not in your car or lawn chair, you must be wearing a mask.last_img read more

World Tourism Day – New Millennium Tourism

first_imgIstria is a leader in tourismThanks to its geographical position, diverse natural beauties and rich tourist offer, the County of Istria has been the absolute ruler for many years in terms of the number of overnight stays. The most important tourist centers of the County of Istria, in which more than two million overnight stays were realized in 2016, are Rovinj (3,3 million), Poreč (2,9 million) and Medulin (2,4 million). The popularity of Istria is evidenced by the fact that the three cities with the highest number of overnight stays per capita are in that county, namely Funtana (1), Tar-Vabriga (667) and Vrsar (803). Dubrovnik with the most overnight staysDubrovnik, a city that was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its cultural heritage in 1979, with 3,4 million overnight stays in 2016, ranks first in the number of overnight stays in Croatia. According to the type of accommodation, out of the total number of realized overnight stays last year, most of them were realized in hotels (55,3%), followed by rooms, apartments and holiday homes (37,0%). The highest number of overnight stays in 2016 was recorded by tourists from the United Kingdom (21,7%), followed by tourists from France, the USA and Germany (6,8% each).Cruises in increasing numbersThe beauty and uniqueness of the Croatian coast is evidenced by the data relating to cruises of foreign ships, which come in increasing numbers. Namely, the number of days spent by foreign cruise ships in the territorial sea of ​​Croatia in 2016, with a total of 1 days of stay, more than doubled compared to 813. Also, in 2006, 2016 million passengers were recorded on foreign cruise ships, which is as much as 1,1% more than in 82,7.That Croatia is recognized as a top destination charted on the route of many foreign cruise ships is shown by an increase of 46,0% in 2016 compared to ten years earlier. Last year, the largest number of cruises was made by ships flying the flag of the Bahamas (26,3%) and Malta (21,5%), while the largest number of passengers arrived by ships flying the flag of Italy (32,5%) and the Bahamas (20,4%). ). Tourists come more individually Tourists, both foreign and domestic, mostly choose the individual way of arrival. In 2016, out of a total of 15,6 million tourist arrivals, 61,3% came individually and 38,7% organized, through travel agencies. The average number of overnight stays per arrival in 2016 for foreign tourists was 5,2, and for domestic still slightly less, 3,3. Rooms, apartments and holiday homes are most in demand In 2016, out of the total number of realized overnight stays of tourists in commercial accommodation, 45,5% of them were realized in rooms, apartments and holiday homes, in which domestic tourists realized 40,3% and foreign 46,0% overnight stays. This is followed by overnight stays in hotels (23,6%), followed by camps (22,4%). The number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays, observed since 2001, has been continuously increasing. During 2016, more than 15,6 million tourists came to Croatia, which is almost twice as many as in 2001, when 7,9 million came. The structure of tourist arrivals in commercial accommodation in 2016 was dominated by foreign tourists, with a share of 88,5%, which is approximately the same as when we also look at data from fifteen years ago, during which the share of foreign tourists ranged more than 80%.The situation is similar in the observed period in relation to tourist nights, of which an impressive 2016 million were recorded in 78,0, which is as much as 79,8% more than in 2001, when 43,4 million of them spent the night. The share of foreign tourists in the structure of overnight stays has hovered around 90% over the years. The Germans have been convincingly our most loyal guests for yearsIf we observe the arrivals and overnight stays of tourists to the country of residence, the Germans have been convincingly our most loyal guests for years. Since 2001, they have been absolute record holders, accounting for a fifth (17%) of the total number of overnight stays in 21,9 with more than 2016 million overnight stays. They are followed by Slovenes, with just over 7,1 million, and Austrians, with 6,5 million overnight stays. The Germans not only come to us at night in large numbers, but in 2016 they were also in first place in terms of the average number of nights per arrival, which was 7,5. What we can still conclude about unsere Gäste, is that of all parts of Lijepa Naša, they like to spend the night in places on the coast, where in 2016 they spent as much as 96,5% of the total number of overnight stays of tourists from Germany.center_img Arrivals and overnight stays in continuous growth If we move away from the economic aspect, what is it that makes tourism so attractive? Adventure, exploration of the unknown, escape from everyday life – all these are the drivers that have brought this economic activity the status it deserves. Croatia, the land of a thousand islands, a small country for a big vacation ie a country full of life, has been charting its tourist path since the 19th century. That it is one of the most popular European tourist destinations is evidenced by the indicator of tourism intensity, according to which in 2015 Croatia with 16,9 overnight stays per capita was in second place in the group of EU-28 countries, just below Malta, which has the highest number of overnight stays per capita – 20,8 of them. On the occasion of today’s World Tourism Day, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) published an overview of data in the field of tourism from 2001 until today.Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries, and its importance as a driver of many changes is unquestionable. Therefore, it is not surprising that this “pillar of the economy” of many countries around the world got its day, almost forty years ago. Its celebration was initiated by the World Tourism Organization back in 1979 to further strengthen awareness of its importance and the need for continuous investment in development activities in this segment, monitoring trends and adapting to them. September 27, the time of year when the main tourist season ends in the northern hemisphere and begins in the southern hemisphere, was symbolically chosen as the date of the celebration, and this year it will be celebrated worldwide under the motto “Sustainable tourism, an instrument of development” Source: CBSlast_img read more